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Advanced Product Size Chart for WooCommerce Original

Advanced Product Size Chart for WooCommerce

Advanced Product Size Chart para WooCommerce allows you to assign ready-to-use default size chart template to the product or Create Custom Size Chart para any of your WooCommerce products.

Advanced Product Size Chart para WooCommerce plugin opens the possibility to create customize size chart options. With este plugin has ready made size chart template e allows you to create custom Size Charts e apply to specific category e product in your online store.

Just enable the plugin, select default size chart template e assign to product or category.You can clone default size chart template e do customization as per your needs.

Key características of Advanced Product Size Chart para WooCommerce

  • 10 default size chart templates available.
  • Create ilimitado chart size tables with facil table creation
  • Multiple chart table Styles.
  • Quick assign size chart by using default template
  • You can clone default size chart template and customize size chart as per your needs.
  • Assign size chart to single or multiple products categories.
  • Assign size chart to single or multiple categories.
  • Choose display mode you prefer: Tab and Modal Popup
  • Add/Edit multiple rows on chart table as per your requirements.
  • Adicionar text Descrição e image to the size chart Table by editors
  • Default and global setting available.
  • Customizable text, color, button, overlay of size chart.
  • you can view assign category e product of particular size chart.
  • Hide e show default size chart by filter option.
  • Choose display size chart popup button position like before Adicionar to cart, after Adicionar to cart.
  • you can apply custom css para popup button.

Default Size Chart Templates 1. Shoes

  • Women’s  size chart
  • Men’s size chart 
  • kids size chart
2. Clothes
  • Mens T-Shirt size chart
  • Men’s Polo size chart 
  • Men’s Shirts size chart
  • Men’s full sleeve shirt size chart
  • Men’s Waistcoats size chart
  • Men’s Jeans & Trousers size chart
  • Women T-shirt / Tops size chart 
  • Women Jeans e Jeggings size chart
  • Adults women Skirt size chart
  • Women dress e jumpsuit size chart 
  • Women coat e Blazers size chart 
  • Women jackets e waistcoats size chart 

Default Size Chart Style + Adicionar images 

  • Minimalistic
  • Classic
  • Modern
  • Custom 
Button / link Position
  • Before Adicionar to cart 
  • After Adicionar to cart 
  • After Product Meta
  • Before Summary Text 
Default size chart template With este plugin have sample default size chart template, So you can direct apply to product or category. Create your own size guide With este Plugin you are able to customize/ clone the default size chart e create your own size guide para anything you imagine!

Comprehensive display 

Customers will be able to fully underste your product e buy it without making unnecessary questions regarding size.

Demo & Help Document

Full User Help Guide para plugin características


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Version 1.1 – 02 Jan 2017

  • Compatible with WordPress 4.7 e WooCommerce 2.6.X

Version 1.0 – 02 Sep 2016

  • Compatible with WordPress 4.6
  • Supported Languages (German, French, Polish, Spanish)
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