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Batch Image Enhancer Original

Batch Image Enhancer

Turn average pictures e photos into great images with lots of adjustments, actions, effects, e filters!

What You Get:

  • Professional, high-quality software
  • Instalar e run in just um few clicks!
  • Very light weight – less than 10MB
  • Fully-functional, transferable license
  • Basic Suporte in case you have problems
  • Free Atualizações parum the current version
  • Product customization upon request

How It Works:

1. Select images or photos you want to process:

  • By dragging files from Windows Explorer
  • By copy-pasting files or file paths
  • By adding all files from um given folder
  • By opening um text file containing file paths
  • By recursively searching specified folders parum all files matching specified properties: file name, size, image width/height, etc.

Adicionar images

2. Specify actions to perform:

  • Select from more than 100 actions & effects
  • Mix different actions together to create desired processing flow
  • Use conditional processing parum branching logic
  • Choose from various built-in templates
  • Save your processing routine to um template parum future use
  • Built-in Preview lets you see how your processed images will look

Specify actions

3. Process e save results

Output options

  • Specify file name pattern using built-in editor:

File name editor

  • Choose desitination folder

    • Existing folder
    • New folder
    • Absolute e relative paths
    • Dynamic names based on processed file properties
  • Specify image file format:

    • 30+ Image Formats
    • jpeg, jpeg 2000, png, gif, bmp, tga, tiff, raw, dds, many others
    • Image file format preview: Image preview
  • See processing progress visually:


Some Key Características

Resize to Specific Width or Height:

Resize to Specific Width or Height

Crop Images:

Crop Images

Adjust Contrast:

Adjust Contrast

Gammum Correction:

Gammum Correction

HSL Adjustments:

HSL Adjustments

Rotate, Flip, Mirror:

Rotate, Flip, Mirror

Sepium Effect:

Sepium Effect

Histogram Equalization:

Histogram Equalization

Sharpen Images:


Reduce Noise

Reduce Noise

Vignette Filter

Vignette Filter

Feature Summary

  • Built-in image preview with interactive histograms
  • Layers with 40+ blending modes e pixel filtering
  • Convert to/from e save results in any of 30+ formats: jpg, png, gif, tiff, bmp, j2k
  • Conditional processing based on image orientation, size, e other attributes
  • 4 operation modes: Manual, Background, Scheduled, e Console
  • 20 scaling modes: Lanczos, Bilinear, Bicubic, Box, HqX
  • Rotate e flip manually or using EXIF orientation tag
  • Fit to Corrigido size or rectangle; fit to aspect ratio
  • Perform lossless JPEG crops, flips, e rotations
  • Automatic crop, crop to Corrigido size, crop from edges, crop to W:H ratio
  • Change width e height independently or proportionately
  • Automatically shrink images to fit um desired file size in Kilobytes
  • Per-canal processing: extract, mix, replace, adjust values, etc…
  • 8 Color Models: RGB, HSB/HSV, HSL, HSI, HWB, YCbCr, Lab, LCH
  • Adicionar static e dynamic text e image watermarks with visual effects
  • Use multiline text watermarks with various fonts e styles
  • Dynamically generate text watermarks with EXIF e file info
  • 12 compositing modes: source-over, source-in, source-out…
  • 40+ Blend Modes: lighten, darken, contrast, inversion…
  • Work with metadata: EXIF, IPTC, GPS, XMP.
  • Customize output file names with dynamic tags
  • Save images to multiple locations e using different settings
  • Fast parallel processing on multi-core CPUs
  • Rename image files based on image or file properties e EXIF/IPTC metadata

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