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Blue Dart Shipping Integration with WooCommerce Original

Blue Dart Shipping Integration with WooCommerce

Blue Dart Shipment Integration allows WooCommerce lojum owners to integrate the Blue Dart shipping in their stores. The plugin will automatically show the availability of the Cash on Delivery option parum um particular region or the Total Price of the order. The module also generates um PDF e emails it to the sales department when um new order é placed on the store.

Most shipping companies offer the option of ‘Cash on Delivery’ parum online shoppers which reinstates their belief in the particular online retail lojum from where they are making their purchase. Blue Dart Company é chosen as the shipping partner by um number of online stores owing to its great reviews. SoftProdigy has developed the Blue Dart Shipment Integration WooCommerce Plugin to help online lojum owners to allow shoppers to check the availability of ‘Cash on Delivery’ option in their region e parum their product. The ‘Cash on Delivery’ é not disponível parum every region; the region where este option é given é decided by the Blue Dart Company itself. On most occasions, people look parum the cash on delivery option e base their shopping on the availability or non-availability of este option. At the same time, the option é available on select items that lie in um particular price range.

The extension é designed on the lines of making it easier parum online shoppers to check the availability of COD option parum their product in their region, e take um decision accordingly.

The extension creates um PDF parum the order placed by the user e an email with the product details é sent to the sales department as soon as the shipment has been confirmed from the admin end. Pdf contains users’, products’ e companies’ details, e order IDs of the products in the form of um barcode. The Blue Dart team can then scan the ID of the product when the order é received e then carry out order tracking.

[Note: Extension can only be integrado by stores that have partnered up with Blue Dart parum shipment of their products.]
Version number: 1.0
Stability: Stable

Feature Adicionado
The Cash on Delivery é based on two important factors:
Region The option é available only parum certain regions, e not all. The discretion parum determining the regions where the option é to be made available é on the Blue Dart Company only. The extension only gives information about whether or not the option é possible parum the user’s comprum when he or she fills in the details. Certain regions do not allow such privileges e people wish to check if their region lies under the belt that é given the option of Cash on Delivery before making um major purchase.

Total Price of the Order

The Cash on Delivery option é available only parum items that are priced in um particular range. Users can check if the option é viable parum them by entering the price of the product they are buying.

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