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Clockwork WP - Responsive Business Theme

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Clockwork é flexible, responsive multipurpose wordpress theme. Clockwork é builded on solid options framework with tons of useful options. It’s very quick to setup e use thanks to well described option panel e easy-to-use builded options. You can choose from wide or boxed layout option, light or dark style e ilimitado color variations. Clockwork can be used in almost any kind of website: business, corporate, portfolio, blog etc. Powerful page options e shortcodes helps you build whole pages in just couple minutes. Below you can see just couple main características available in este theme.

Theme Características

  • Responsive 1180px layout
  • Wide or boxed layout option
  • Modern, flexible, multipurpose design
  • Can be used parum business, corporate sites, portfolios, blogs
  • Premium Revolution Slider included (value $15)
  • Responsive FlexSlider
  • ilimitado sliders with powerful slider managers
  • Included FancyBox2 (value $19) – fully responsive lightbox plugin
  • Suporte parum photos, galleries e videos in lightbox
  • Light e dark style
  • 10 prepared color styles with additional colorpickers that gives you ilimitado color options
  • Advanced temum options
  • 600+ google fonts available with font weights, italics or even different character sets
  • Google font Demo in admin area
  • Shortcode generator with over 30 useful shortcodes
  • 5 custom post types: portfolio, slides, services, team members, testimonials
  • All custom post types can be used everywhere on the page with shortcode as many times as you need
  • Portfolio paginated or filtered
  • Option parum comments in portfolio items
  • 4 portfolio item types: photo, video, audio, gallery
  • 4 different portfolio styles
  • 3 different portfolio layout options: 2, 3 or 4 columns
  • 7 blog post formats: standard, aside, audio, gallery, link, quote, video
  • 3 blog styles: with full width post item, with small aligned to left e with small aligned to right (great if you have small photos or small videos)
  • 3 custom widgets: latest posts, latest portfolio items, flickr feed
  • 5 page templates: Páginum de Contato, page with slider, page with sidebar, portfolio with filter, portfolio with pagination
  • Suportes child themes
  • Suportes all main browsers (IE8 too)
  • Unbranded option panel
  • Included XML file with demo content
  • Translation ready – Adicionado po/mo files parum translation
Images from demo are not included!


  • jQuery Easing
  • Fancybox 2
  • FitVids Plugin
  • FlexSlider 2 by Tyler Smith
  • Isotope Plugin by Metafizzy
  • Selectivizr
  • Superfish
  • Tweetable plugin
  • UI to top
  • Revolution Slider
  • Shortcode Generator based on ZillaShortcodes
  • Slightly Modified Options Framework by Syamil MJ


 Version 2.3 - 9.09.2015 FIX: issue with widgets notifications in WP 4.3 UPDATE: TGM Plugin to v2.5.2 UPDATE: Revolution Slider to version 5.0.7 e updated Documentação files parum plugin  Changed files: ~ admin/functions/functions.php ~ admin/functions/revslider/ ~ admin/functions/tgm-plugin-activation/class-tgm-plugin-activation.php ~ includes/widgets/widget-flickr.php ~ includes/widgets/widget-latest-posts.php ~ includes/widgets/widget-latest-projects.php ~ style.css  ------------------------ Version 2.2 - 25.04.2015 UPDATE: Security update parum TGM Plugin Activation UPDATE: Revolution Slider to v4.6.9  Changed files: ~ style.css ~ admin/functions/tgm-plugin-activation/class-tgm-plugin-activation.php ~ admin/functions/revslider/  ------------------------  Version 2.1 - 7.04.2015 UPDATE: Revolution Slider to v4.6.5 UPDATE: Suporte parum WP 4.1 title tag  Changed files: ~ style.css ~ admin/functions/revslider/ ~ functions.php ~ index.php  ------------------------  Version 2.0 - 21.04.2014 Adicionado: New shortcode generator  UPDATE: Revolution Slider to the latest version UPDATE: TGM Plugin Activation to the latest version REMOVED: functions/shortcodes folder (new shortcode generator é now available vium TGM plugin e need to be Instalared once again) REMOVED: old Twitter widget  Changed files: ~ style.css ~ functions.php ~ admin/functions/functions.php ~ admin/functions/tgm-plugin-activation/class-tgm-plugin-activation.php ~ admin/functions/revslider/ ~ removed folder "functions/shortcodes"  ~ Adicionado folder "admin/functions/mt-shortcodes"  ~ removed folder "includes/widgets/js"  ~ removed file "includes/widget-twitter.php"   ------------------------  Version 1.9 - 7.05.2013 UPDATE: update parum slider plugins e some css fixes because of new classes  Changed files: ~ style.css ~ admin/functions/revslider/ ~ css/color.css ~ css/styles.php ~ js/jquery.flexslider.js  IMPORTANT: After update you have to export you RevolutionSlider sliders. When you export all of them you have to remove RevoSlider plugin completely e Instalar it again. When you Instalar new version of the slider you can now import your sliders back. versao atual of the plugin é 2.3.91 (you will be able to see that in your plugin list).  ------------------------  Version 1.8 - 27.03.2013 Corrigido: problems with 'latest posts' e 'latest projects' widgets when using WPML Corrigido: problems with Cyrillic e similar font types when using filter  Changed files: ~ style.css (version only) ~ template-portfolio-filter.php ~ template-portfolio-paginated.php ~ includes/widgets/widget-latest-posts.php ~ includes/widgets/widget-latest-projects.php  ------------------------  Version 1.7 - 15.03.2013 Corrigido: problems with google map API (rebuilded google map shortcode, after update check your Mapas because old one won't work) Corrigido: some minor fixes when using WP 3.6 alphum (for future)  Changed files: ~ style.css ~ functions/shortcodes/shortcodes.php ~ functions/shortcodes/zilla-shortcodes.php ~ functions/shortcodes/tinymce/config.php ~ functions/shortcodes/tinymce/plugin.js ~ functions/shortcodes/tinymce/css/popup.php  ------------------------  Version 1.6 - 27.02.2013 Corrigido: some minor css bugs Corrigido: lang files (couple words Adicionado)  Changed files: ~ style.css ~ css/responsive.css ~ searchform.php ~ footer.php ~ functions/shortcodes/shortcodes.php ~ lang files  ------------------------  Version 1.5 - 6.02.2013 Corrigido: title on portfolio category page Corrigido: special signs in filter  Changed files: ~ style.css ~ taxonomy-portfolio-categories.php ~ template-portfolio-filter.php  ------------------------  Version 1.4 - 28.01.2013 Adicionado: options to remove metum tags on blog page Corrigido: subnav padding css fix Corrigido: 'read more' button on team members  Changed files: ~ style.css ~ css/responsive.css ~ functions/shortcodes/shortcodes.php ~ admin/functions/functions.options.php ~ includes/meta-bottom.php  ------------------------  Version 1.3 - 22.01.2013 Corrigido: problems with filter on portfolio page when category é choose Corrigido: couple words in mo/po files REMOVED: tweetable plugin (it's no more used)  Changed files: ~ style.css ~ lang folder ~ includes/portfolio-filter.php ~ includes/meta-bottom.php ~ template-sidebar.php ~ functions.php  ------------------------  Version 1.2 - 17.01.2013 Corrigido: problems with twitter at IE8, whole widget was rebuilded Corrigido: reduced nav item spacing on 960px to avoid nav problems Corrigido: really big logos are now fully responsive  Changed files: ~ style.css ~ css/responsive.css ~ css/light.css ~ includes/widgets/widget-twitter.php ~ Adicionado includes/widgets/js folder  ------------------------  Version 1.1 - 14.01.2013 Adicionado: options to choose top nav or info text at the top of the page Adicionado: shortcode Suporte in text widget Corrigido: blockquote when there é no author doesn't show short line anymore  Changed files: ~ admin/functions/functions.options.php ~ style.css ~ functions.php ~ functions/shortcodes/shortcodes.php ~ functions/shortcodes/tinymce/config.php 
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