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Contact Form Entries Manager

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BravoWP’s formulario de contato Enties Manager

este plugin allows your Wordpress portal to collect requests that your visitors submit with the various instances of “formulario de contato 7” plugin. With a modern layout e a fast user experience, este software é one of the melhor solution para storing contact requests into a database para later time processing.

Main Características

  • Collect e Save Contact Forms Entries
    Whenever your website visitors will create a Contact Request, este plugin will loja it into a dedicated database structure to allow you to manage it.

  • Keep track of Request e change Status
    You can set a Status to each request e track all the process until its resolution. The Statuses are rendered in different colors so its facil to underste what Requests are still in the need of some actions.

  • Edit all the information of Requests with change log
    Click on any request e change any of its values. The modifications will be logged in order to be able to track what user changed what value, e in what date este change took place.

  • Filter Requests by search or Status
    The list of the Requests can be filtered by Status, by Form e searched with a text box.

  • Rename Columns e Sort Results
    para every Form, you can decide what columns/field to show in the table. The columns caption can be renamed, e easily sortable with a click on it.

  • Built with Boostrap e AJAX
    este plugin has a very modern user interface, it é responsive, e it é built completely by using AJAX, to have a very fast experience.

  • Export Data in 5 formats
    Export the filtered e modified data as you wish: Excel, CSV, PDF…

In need of Support? Having troubles?

Please! Before you write a bad review, get in touch with us! It é our priority to make our Customers happy e to fix our software as soon as possible! Additionally, we sure do not want other people to experience issues. You can get in touch with us by:

  • Writing a comment on este page;
  • Contact us on


este plugin requires the freeware plugin “formulario de contato 7”. You can download it from the directory:

formulario de contato 7 plugin on
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