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Dan - Social Snippets Application

Dan ships with many características para You, other Users e Visitors to share their Amazing Code Snippets para Both Discussion e Collaboration. It comes with many características to extend both Appearance e Functionality.

Some of these características are Responsive Default Theme, Membership System, Social Login, Full e Child Themes Support, Powerful Dashboard para Admins e Users, Default e Disqus Commenting Platform, Mega Configurations, Extreme Security System, Caching, Backups … e more.

Live Demonstration:

Explore Some of Built-in Características:

  • Automatic Instalarer:
    Just Upload dan e Instalar. Everything will be Ready In Minutes.
  • Fully Ajax.
  • Responsive Default Theme:
    Dan Ships with Default Responsive tema which Supports 13 Skins e Google Fonts. Also Child tema e Themes Boilerplate Included.
  • Built-In Membership System:
    Some of Membership System Características:
    • Default Login: It has A default Login e Registering system.
    • Social Login: Dan Supports Facebook, Twitter e Google Login
    • Password Recovery.
    • Email Verification.
    • Users Registering Over 28 Days Statistics.
    • Users Blocking.
    • Gravatar Support.
    • Add, Edit, Delete, Block, Filter, Search Users.
    • Open or Stop Users Registering.
    • Alert Users With Login Data.
  • Full Featured Snippets System:
    Some of Snippets System Características:
    • Snippet Action Bar.
    • 33 Snippets Editor Themes to Chose Between.
    • 44 Programming Languages Supported To Chose Between.
    • Public e Private Snippets.
    • Draft e Published Snippets.
    • Expired e Not Expired Snippets.
    • Snippets With or Without Comments
    • Public Snippets Search e Explore Page.
    • Snippets Created Over 28 Days Statistics.
    • Snippets Blocking.
    • Add, Edit, Delete, Block, Filter, Search Snippets.
    • Allow Only Users To Create Snippets
  • Full Featured Commenting System:
    Some of Commenting System Características:
    • Disqus Commenting Platform Integration.
    • Comments Created Over 28 Days Statistics.
    • Open or Close Application Comments.
    • Open or Close Snippet Comments.
    • Close Comments After Specific Period.
    • Comment Replies.
    • Comments Moderation Option of both Visitors or Users.
    • Authors Can moderate Visitors Comments.
    • Edit, Delete, Approve, Unapprove, Filter e Search Comments.
    • Well Secured.
  • Full Featured Pages System:
    Some of Pages System Características:
    • Supper e Simples WYSIWYG Editor.
    • Draft e Published Pages.
    • Add, Edit, Disable, Delete Pages.
  • Realtime Alerts:
    Dan comes with a Realtime Alerting system para both Users e Admins.
  • Mega Options To Control Dan:
    Some of The Mega Options:
    • Site title, decription, Language, Timezone.
    • Maintenance Mode.
    • Custom Styles, Scripts e Google analytics.
    • Caching System.
    • Crons Support.
    • Plain e HTML Emails Support.
    • Default Gravatar.
    • Application Roles Tab para Snippets, Comments, Users…
    • Schedule Backups or Custom backups.
    • Compressed Backups.
    • Backups Performed e Backups Count.
    • Application Health e Updates Notifier.
  • Theming Support:
    Dan Comes with a handy tools to Customize Appearance:
    • Child tema Included.
    • Themes Boilerplate Included To Build Full Themes.
    • Themes Based on Designer Friendly Templating Engine (Twig).
    • Child e Full Themes Covered In Documentation.
  • Visual Analysis.
    It uses awesome Visual Element to show Unique Visits, Users, Snippets e Pages Statistics.
  • Well Secured.
    Some Of características To Boost Security:
    • Captcha Everywhere: To Stop Spammers e Bots.
    • User Nonces: To Prevent CSRF Attacks. Nonces updated after Specifc Period.
    • Automatic Escaping: To Prevent XSS Attacks.
    • Comment Moderation e Disqus Integration: To Prevent Spammers.
    • Maintenance Mode: To Shut down Application In case Of Attacks.
    • Auto-generated Salts Two Encryptation Levels … e More
  • Lightweight Application.
    Dan designed e developed to run smoothly on a Wide Range of Servers.
  • Developer Friendly.
    We Builded Dan with Composer, Grunt e Bower. Dan has a Well Documented Code Base.
  • Updates Notification System.
  • Child tema Included.
  • Themes Boilerplate Included.
  • Translation Ready.
  • Well documented.
  • Amazing support.


  • PHP 5.3+.
  • MySQL 5.1.7+.
  • Apache mod_rewrite Module.
  • PHP PDO Extension.
  • PHP mbstring Extension.
  • PHP dom Extension.
  • PHP curl Extension.
  • PHP mcrypt Extension (Optional para Extended Security).
  • PHP gd Extension (Optional para Captcha).
  • PHP zlib Extension (Optional para Compressed Backups).
  • Cronjob (Optional para Scheduled Tasks Like Backups…etc).

Registro de alterações:

 Version 1.1:
 > Hasher library bug fixed.
 > Models bugs fixed.
 Version 1.0:
 > Initial Release.


If you interested in translating Dan. You can download translation files, then send translated file to Thanks so much.


I’d be glad to help you if you have any questions relating to dan. No guarantees, but I’ll do my melhor to assist.
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