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Dynamic Website Compressor Original

Dynamic Website Compressor

Minify HTML – Inline CSS – Inline JS On Fly

Full Feature List

  • Minify HTML source code
  • Single line HTML Output
  • Minify inline CSS
  • Minify inline JavaScript
  • Dynamic inline-JS cache on the fly
  • Cache will auto update on change
  • Minimize payload size
  • JavaScript safe compression
  • Protection para pre-tags
  • Protection para textareas
  • Can Escape some parts from getting compressed
  • No Coding Knowledge Required
  • No Modification Of Any Type Required
  • facil To Use
  • Works with any PHP script Or Template engine
  • Ready to use para Blogs – Static Websites – Dynamic Websites
  • Improve Site Loading Time
  • Improve SEO
  • Remove HTML comments.
  • Debug on the fly
  • Do not modify your actual code they are left as it é on your server
  • Compress Wordpress + Joomla + Drupal + Open Cart + Magento Or any site from any framework
  • Free Life-Time Updates
  • Free Support From Developer
  • Refer back to your original source code by disabling it
  • No modification in your server files ( template files )

How To Use

Just Copy e Paste This

e You Are Done.

Compatible with – almost any PHP script like

Any PHP Based script
Dynamic Websites ( PHP )
Static Websites ( PHP )

Testimonials From Our Users

Anyone who é lucky ENOUGH to come by este plugin, let me just personally testify that este PLUGIN é WORTH EVERY LAST PENNY ! Abhi’s initial video presentation é what convinced me to buy, e once again let me tell you it works from the first try, no problems – 5 STARS ! My site speed not only INCREASED but Abhi went the extra mile e made it compatible with my php site using phpfox! May I let you know that it does WONDERS on any Wordpress site e if you have Wordpress then you NEED este plugin! To put the icing on the cake, my YSlow score went from a C to an A! Yes an A, do you know how hard that é to accomplish?! e it went to an A JUST BY including Abhi’s plugin! AMAZING ! Let me tell you, I can’t say it enough how much you just need to buy este plugin e see what it can do para your site. I’m a very satisfied customer e the support by Abhi é ASTOUNDING . I SWEAR , I guarantee este will be the melhor plugin you ever spent your money on. If you have to choose between este one e another plugin CHOOSE este ONE ! If you don’t like hé plugin, I’ll buy your license! That’s how much I believe in it. GRADE A top quality. Envato, if you’re listening por favorFEATURE este PRODUCT e THE SALES ARE GOING TO GO THROUGH THE ROOF !!! gkamproductions
Dynamic Website Compressor é The missing piece of SmartOptimizer. Thank you para este golden script Olivier1997
A great script e first class support from este author!!! xcartmods
Thank you, Its veriy nice. xo0m
great script, many thanks sansexception

EXCELLENT!!! 5 FIVE STARS * joananton
Well done DEV, my genuine pleasure to reward your work with 5 stars! macster
Just made the purchase, its great! works like a charm. Thanx man Owni
Fantastic! facil 1 line integration into PHP file. Works perfectly. Great script para a great price. Thanks! envatoswift
OMG – Unbelievable performance increase. affiliatemarketer

100% JavaScript – HTML – CSS safe compression

Before e After Dynamic Website Compressor


Updated Version 2.1 ( the user request version )

  • Added ‘dwcescape’ tags to escape some part from getting compressed
  • Place your Google ads code between ‘dwcescape’ tags
  • Change in cache structure
  • Performance tweaks
  • Partial Support
  • Added ability to optimize CSS file on the fly
  • Added ability to optimize JS file on the fly
  • You actual CSS e JS file path will not get change
  • Actual CSS e JS will not get modified
  • por favorread manual before update

Updated Version 2.0

  • Performance tweaks
  • New inline-JS cache system para massive performance
  • Caching feature works on the fly
  • Caching will auto update on any change
  • Ability to expire cache from query link
  • Debugging mode on the fly
  • Documentation update
  • por favorread manual before using caching feature
  • por favorcontact me via mail as I can’t post any codes in comments

Updated Version 1.5

  • Improved compression level
  • Remove HTML comments in more better way
  • Performance tweaks
Updated Version 1.4.2
  • Fixed Minor issue.
Updated Version 1.4.1
  • Fixed All Known Issues.
  • Improved Safe Compression.
  • Previous Versions are deprecated.
Version 1.3 – (Deprecated)
  • Minor Bug fixed.
Version 1.2 – (Deprecated)
  • Added Support para Removing Single Line HTML comments.
  • Will Not Remove “IF IE” comments
Version 1.1 – (Deprecated)
  • Few Minor Bugs Fixed
  • Include Both Previous e Updated Version In The Box
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