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Easy Forms: Advanced Form Builder and Manager Original

Easy Forms: Advanced Form Builder and Manager

facil Forms: Advanced Form Builder e Manager

facil Forms é a full featured form manager application that características a drag e drop php form builder, advanced notification, lead capture, conditional logic fields, multi-page forms, math calculations, form analytics, submission manager, themes, templates e much more!

Indeed yes! You can start design e develop web forms quickly e easily without any programming skills in just minutes!

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  • Form Builder
    • Build any type of online forms: Contact forms, Order forms, Registration forms, Online surveys, Trivias e more.
    • Drag-and-drop your form elements to rearrange them. No coding skills required.
    • Touch-friendly Drag e Drop
    • W3C-valid HTML5 Fields
    • Built-in support para users on smartphones, tablets, e other mobile devices.
    • Create Multi-Step Forms
    • Adicionar friendly hints e placeholders, making your forms easier e friendlier to fill out.
    • Set a default value para certain fields. They’ll be submitted if the visitor doesn’t change them.
    • Allow users to upload files
    • Accept any file type
    • Optionally limit the size or type of file you want
    • Adicionar advanced field validation
    • Write your very own field validation rules using regular expressions
    • Embed images, videos e maps
    • Include Google reCAPTCHA in your forms
    • Multiple reCAPTCHA tema options.
    • Smart reCAPTCHA. Save the correct answer of a user. So, he don’t have to fill it again.
    • Bootstrap CSS Support
    • Set the positioning of your field labels across your form.
    • Checkboxes e Radio Buttons can have images or icons
  • Form Manager
    • Use a unique URL to easily share/link a full-page form.
    • Share frienly links to your forms
    • Easily embed your form in your website, blog, shop—wherever you want it! No extra programming needed – just copy our code.
    • Multiple embedding options e formats.
    • Adicionar a custom confirmation message or redirect to another website
    • Load external javascript file
    • Anti – Spam Protection (HoneyPot Technique)
    • Limit Submission per Time Period
    • Limit Submission by IP
    • Auto-deactivation by dates
    • Implement Save form & resume later
    • Forms with Password Protection
    • Embed your Forms only on authorized websites
  • Themes & Templates
    • Customize your forms’ branding.
    • Theme & Template Managers
    • Advanced CSS Editor with Form Live Preview
    • facil integration with the forms
    • Template Promotion e Categories
    • Comes with +10 pro-level themes
    • Templates para event registration, contact forms, customer surveys, trivias, RSVPs, e more.
  • Notifications
    • Send Instant Notifications
    • Be notified by email every time a form é submitted.
    • Send confirmation messages (Email Auto-Responder)
    • Send your customer a fully customizable email upon form submission. You can include data they entered in the message, too.
    • Select multiple email fields in order to send email confirmations
    • Set up multiple recipients
    • HTML / Plain Text Email
    • Wysiwyg Editor to edit email messages
    • File Attachment if your form has file upload fields
    • Supply a custom “From” address para auto-response messages
    • Use PHP mail() function
    • Support para PHP SMTP Authentication. (Use your own SMTP mail server)
    • Redirect your visitor to a specific URL after form submission.
    • Send your submissions to another application or script
    • Show your visitors or customer a custom message after submission.
  • Rule Builder
    • Create the conditional logic easily, no coding knowledge required.
    • Intuitive interface
    • Multiple rules, conditions e actions
    • Reordering Conditional Logic using a Drag & Drop interface
    • Show / Hide Fields
    • Enable / Disable Fields
    • Copy values from one field to another
    • Perform math operations
    • Format numbers to look like currency, percentages, times… easily
    • Skip steps of multi step forms
    • Enable / Disable Opposite actions
    • Conditional Validation: necessário validation only if the Field é visible
  • Submission Manager
    • Advanced Submission Grid
    • Alert new submissions
    • View submission details
    • Comment System (Leave a comment about the form submission)
    • View sender information (Google Map included)
    • Edit e Delete each submission
    • Export submissions
    • Print form submissions
    • File Management
  • Report Builder
    • Build reports on form submission
    • Use Row, Bar, Donut e Pie charts
    • Move & Resize any chart
    • Interact with your charts with one click
  • Form Analytics
    • Get an instant overview of form stats, including conversion rates.
    • See how many people looked at your form.
    • Know how many visits are made before your users send the form
    • Improve the form e increase conversion rate
    • Form Performance report
    • Submissions Analytics report
    • Track how many people started filling out your form.
    • See the number of submissions para every form, in one single view!
    • Disable form tracking on the fly
  • User Management
    • User Registration: Your users can register e create their own forms
    • Login without password: Your users can test the application only with their email. After, they can create their own username e password
    • Use captcha in your registration forms
    • Set the default user role when a new user é registered
    • User Roles: Admin, Advaced User e Basic User
    • The “Advanced User” é able to create e manage hé own forms e themes
    • The “Admin” can grant access of each Form to each “Basic User”
    • All users can be suspended
    • Profiles
    • Login by email or username
    • Email confirmation
    • Password recovery
  • Add-ons
    • Google Analytics: Track your visitors in Google Analytics
    • Webhooks: Send submissions to another server
  • Multi Language
    • English, Spanish, German, French, Chinese e Indonesian languages
    • You can translate all the application to other languages easily
    • You can set up each form to use a different language
    • The user has the ability to change e select default language para hé user account
  • Other
    • Responsive Design
    • Based on Bootstrap 3 e Yii 2
    • Glyphicons PRO 1.9.2


  • Server Linux/Unix (Recommended), Windows or Mac OS X
  • Web Server Apache (Recommended), Microsoft Ié or any similar web server
  • PHP Version PHP v5.4 or above
  • Database MySQL v5 or higher suggested


Username: admin
Password: admin

Username: user
Password: user


Demo Video

How To Create a formulario de contato with facil Forms


16.11.2016 - ver 1.3.9
    - Added: Javascript file to load jQuery DatePicker, ComboDate e Int-Tel-Input
    - Added: Comment System to the Submission Manager
    - Improved: Conditional rules are updated when the Form é updated by using the Form Builder.
    - Improved: Submission Manager can search para non-Latin characters (Korean, Chinese e others).
    - Improved: Changes the algorithm to skip between the pages on a multi-step form by using conditional rules
    - Improved: Shows a confirmation message when pressing the Delete button in the Form Builder
    - Fixed: An array é turned to string before validating it on the server.
    - Fixed: Submission Manager Design
    - Fixed: Validates a necessário field on the current page to skip to another by using conditional rules
19.09.2016 - ver 1.3.8
    - Added: PHP Rule Engine
    - Added: Conditional Validation when a field é hidden
    - Improved: Export CSV file now includes uploaded files
    - Improved: Conditional Rules in a Multi-Step Form
    - Fixed: Remove unused tokens in custom messages
    - Fixed: CSS no-padding-left e no-padding-right
    - Fixed: File names uploaded with mobile devices
    - Fixed: Step 5 of Instalarer
    - Fixed: Single quotes into titles (Form Builder)
    - Fixed: Form Builder save labels with Chinese characters
    - Fixed: Delete Submission with a Basic User account
    - Fixed: Edit Submission with a single quote in a select list
16.08.2016 - ver 1.3.7
    - Added: Demo folder with javascript widgets
    - Added: MetaTag Generator
    - Added: SlugHelper
    - Added: Rule Builder. Use Drag e Drop to change the rule position.
    - Improved: Instalarer detects PHP CLI version
    - Improved: Vendors updated
    - Improved: Form Embed now support autoadvance feature
    - Improved: Custom SluggableBehavior
    - Improved: Mail Queue
    - Improved: Rule Builder Notification
    - Improved: Submission Manager displays alert when a file é uploading
    - Fixed: Empty Snippet
    - Fixed: reCaptcha Field Position
    - Fixed: Star Rating demo
    - Fixed: Report Builder in PHP 7
    - Fixed: Form Builder (array_key_exists)
    - Fixed: Cron status code (200)
    - Fixed: Submission Copy in Email Confirmation
07.07.2016 - ver 1.3.6
    - Added: File Management in the Submission Manager
    - Added: Restrict Websites where you can embed forms
    - Added: Opposite actions on Rule Builder
    - Added: WebHooks demo files
    - Added: Javascript demo files
    - Added: primaryKey() method on Models
    - Improved: Form Builder D&D on touch screen
    - Improved: Select multiple email fields in order to send email confirmations
    - Improved: Customize sender name on email confirmation
    - Improved: WebHooks data
    - Improved: Cron via web
    - Improved: necessário checkbox validation
    - Fixed: First column CSV export 
    - Fixed: Submission Manager access
    - Fixed: Labels on Email notifications
    - Fixed: PHP tag on Form Builder
    - Fixed: MySQL commands with table prefix
    - Fixed: "options é not defined" on disabled forms
28.05.2016 - ver 1.3.5
    - Added: Attach files to confirmation emails
    - Added: Customize email subject with form submission data
    - Added: Wysiwyg Editor to edit email text
    - Added: Translation into Italian e Thai languages
    - Added: Delete button to delete a field in the Form Builder
    - Added: Google Place demo in a field
    - Added: Combo Date demo
    - Added: Start Rating demo
    - Added: Implements RTL or LTR direction depending on the selected language
    - Added: Export Form Submissions as CSV file via comme line
    - Improved: Conditional Rules can analyze multiple values separated by "|" 
    - Improved: Expands number of allowed tags in the email message body
    - Improved: Advanced users can use templates created by admin
    - Improved: Advanced users can manage their own templates
    - Improved: Form Widget allows to Adicionar pixels to calculate the page OffsetTop
    - Improved: Cron in Windows Environment
    - Improved: Data structure para storing Form Submissions
    - Improved: Rules Engine detects when a user presses "X" in IE
    - Fixed: Console Component in Windows Server
    - Fixed: Edit Form Submissions with unique fields
    - Fixed: Form Tracker when friendly urls have been disabled
    - Fixed: Date Field translation in the Form Builder
    - Fixed: Click event in the Form Builder fields
    - Fixed: Advanced users can save conditional rules
    - Fixed: MySQL query in Dashboard
    - Fixed: Previous step in a form without titles
    - Fixed: "Select List" é opened twice with when the Form has conditional rules
20.04.2016 - ver 1.3.4
    - Added: Delete Stats
    - Added: Enable / Disable jQuery elements with conditional rules
    - Added: New language: French
    - Added: Implements Relation Trait behavior to handle master-detail relationships
    - Added: FormEvent notifies the system when a form has been updated
    - Added: Validation SMTP when configuring Mail Server
    - Removed: Remove file validation in the Submission Manager
    - Improved: Load Google Mapas JS file without protocol (schema)
    - Improved: Check if the environment é Windows before running console commands
    - Improved: Compatible validation patterns between client e server
    - Improved: Modifies DateTime-Local field validation
    - Improved: More than 20 conditional rules per page
    - Improved: Reduces necessário width to display a form with horizontal layout
    - Improved: DatePicker demo with Months e Years selector
    - Improved: Allows configuring Mail Server with an API's access
    - Improved: Scroll after performing an action on a form
    - Improved: Reduces Form padding when displaying on smartphones
    - Improved: Thank You message with variables
    - Improved: Submission Manager doesn't show disabled field columns.
    - Improved: Form Embed can detect when the answer came from an add-on
    - Fixed: Press Enter key in a MultiStep Form
    - Fixed: Field validation without label
    - Fixed: Disabled fields aren't necessário by the server.
    - Fixed: Form auto resizing protected by password.
    - Fixed: Form embed code without box
    - Fixed: Previous button in MultiStep Form
    - Fixed: User registration validation with Captcha
    - Fixed: Upload any kind of file (No validation)
    - Fixed: Submission Manager: Access to upload files.
    - Fixed: BulkActions in other language: Javascript alert with double quotes.
    - Fixed: Check that the Select List options have text.
    - Fixed: MultiStep Form creation with IE
    - Fixed: Load Form Submission when accessed directly from an external link.
    - Fixed: Displays notification message with several values per field
06.03.2016 - ver 1.3.3
    - Added: Environment definition in console
    - Added: Buttons' Support in conditional rules
    - Added: New languages: German, Simplified Chinese e Traditional Chinese
    - Added: CRON tool via web
    - Added: Repeat Password before to change it
    - Added: New oOperators to Hidden field in Rule Builder
    - Removed: DB file alert message
    - Improved: Responsive design with better resizing
    - Improved: Cron message when Instalaration process finished
    - Improved: Confirmation / Notification messages with variables
    - Improved: Form Submission Notification as plain text
    - Fixed: Submission Manager é empty on Windows Server
    - Fixed: Geo location. IP é not in the database
    - Fixed: IE9 e IE10 form resizing
    - Fixed: Edit Form Submission as Basic User
    - Fixed: Unserialize() error on notifications
    - Fixed: Submission Manager with hidden columns
    - Fixed: Label of Hidden fields in Rule Builder
05.02.2016 - ver 1.3.2
    - Added: Save a form as template
    - Added: Select a different PHP version to run Cron Jobs
    - Improved: Modules Instalarer: Setup, Update e Addons
    - Improved: Console component
    - Improved: Download files from the Submission Manager
    - Improved: Display multiple forms in the same page
    - Improved: Form Builder detects when a field é deleted e shows an alert
    - Improved: Filters (OFF state)
    - Fixed: Export CSV File
    - Fixed: Multi-Step Form with Progress Bar without titles
30.01.2016 - ver 1.3.1
    - Added: Console component
    - Deprecated: ConsoleHelper
    - Improved: Setup / Update modules
    - Improved: Cron
    - Improved: Tel field validation message
    - Fixed: Dashboard para advanced users
    - Fixed: Performance tool
    - Fixed: necessário fields without labels
    - Fixed: Actions buttons para advanced users
    - Fixed: Google Analytics add-on event handler
28.01.2016 - ver 1.3
    - Added: User registration page
    - Added: Login page without password
    - Added: Enable / Disable user registration from Site Settings
    - Added: Adicionar captcha to user registration from Site Settings
    - Added: Set a default user rol from Site Settings
    - Added: New user role: 'Advanced User' e 'User' now é 'Basic User'
    - Added: Display Form Manager 'Actions' button to all users
    - Added: Refresh cache tool
    - Added: HTTP e HTTPS protocols supported
    - Added: Print form submission
    - Added: Format Number action on Form Rules
    - Added: Indonesian language
    - Improved: Grid Views footer design
    - Improved: Check user permissions
    - Improved: Change login page when 'anyone can register' é enabled
    - Improved: Addons module can update each addon version
    - Improved: Instalar Process, update e unInstalar addons
    - Improved: Addons module events
    - Improved: User module updated to new version
    - Improved: Upload File validation on Multi Step forms
    - Improved: Multi-Step forms pager
    - Improved: Button component now supports 'button' input type
    - Improved: Form Builder. Adicionar images or icons to checkboxes or radio buttons
    - Improved: Form Builder. Adicionar icons to buttons
    - Improved: Form Builder. New button input type: 'button'
    - Fixed: Setup module error message
    - Fixed: Export CSV file with 'file' fields
    - Fixed: Reset password email
    - Fixed: Delete multiple themes
    - Fixed: Delete multiple templates
    - Fixed: Default local IP para testing
    - Fixed: XSS vulnerability in the Submission Manager
14.01.2016 - ver 1.2
    - Added: Pre-fill Form Widget with default values
    - Added: Forms with Password Protection
    - Added: Filters in Form Manager, Templates e Themes
    - Added: Rules Engine. If condition not accomplish, reset skip step
    - Improved: Form Builder with duplicated fields detector
    - Improved: Form Settings design
    - Improved: New migrations
    - Improved: Spanish language translation
    - Improved: Vendor's files has been updated.
    - Improved: Submission Event Handler with multiple cc e multiple bcc
    - Fixed: Email notifications with array value.
    - Fixed: Resize Form Widget on IE
    - Fixed: ThemeSearch table prefix
    - Fixed: UserSearch profile attribute
    - Fixed: Only validate by field type if input has a value
    - Fixed: Form Builder without mod_rewrite
    - Fixed: Delete Multiple Action on Form Manager
    - Fixed: Form Builder's checkbox e radio button edition on Firefox
    - Fixed: Dashboard Labels on Firefox
07.01.2016 - ver 1.1
    - Added: Webhooks Add-on
    - Added: Friendly urls of forms
    - Added: Update module
    - Added: Now facil Forms works without mod_rewrite.
    - Added: 'record' param to Form Widget
    - Added: Cron jobs configuration with params
    - Added: Email delivery with PHP mail() function
    - Improved: Glyphicons version 1.9.2
    - Improved: Run migrations on background
    - Improved: Redirection e message after updating to a user
    - Improved: In-App Analytics configurations
    - Improved: Dashboard dates
    - Improved: Adicionar icon to Rule Builder error message
    - Improved: Adicionar icon to Report Builder success message
    - Improved: Spanish translation
    - Improved: Custom text of button on multi-step forms
    - Fixed: Show / hide columns in the Submission Manager
    - Fixed: Form Manager with table prefix.
    - Fixed: Submission event handler.
    - Fixed: Log out link
    - Fixed: Export submissions as CSV file
29.12.2015 - Initial release
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