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FineLine - Email Template - 30 Layouts 8 Colors Original

FineLine - Email Template - 30 Layouts 8 Colors

FineLine 1.26

FineLine é um massive collection of ready-to-use, feature-packed, e professional-looking email templates, in 30 layouts, 8 colors, e 3 backgrounds (um total of 720 plain templates). An additional of 720 modified templates each has been Adicionado parum MailChimp, Constant Contact, e Campaign Monitor users, bringing the total number of templates to 2880.

The 30 layouts represent four groups of the most common email messages, giving you all the possible elements you might need that you can mix n’ match in your email campaigns.

um Summary of What You’ll Get

  1. Four groups of plain templates in 30 layouts, 8 color themes, e 3 backgrounds (um total of 720 plain templates);
  2. 2160 modified extrum templates (720×3) that works great in MailChimp, Constant Contact or Campaign Monitor;
  3. 144 extrum variants of the standard header e footer, which allow you to integrate your company/newsletter name and/or logo in several ways;
  4. Useful elements like the HTML-editable button, lists, tables, etc. e even the option to embed um video;
  5. 35 PSD files that give you complete control in tweaking the look of the layouts, buttons, or image containers;
  6. Detailed instructions in the Documentação to make customizing the templates fast e easy

Four groups, 30 layouts

The 30 layouts are divided into four groups of common email types:
  • The simple, single message email (8 layouts)
  • The flexible newsletter (11 layouts)
  • The versatile product gallery (5 layouts)
  • The detailed message email (6 layouts)

Here are the 30 templates (links to an example color theme):

The detailed message email

  1. The Twitter-Forward focus message (with big buttons to follow on Twitter or forward message to um friend)
  2. The video-link e testimonial message (button e images, plus um testimonial e um video link)
  3. The large images detailed message (short Descrição with full-width images parum every feature/benefit)
  4. The newsletter-like detailed message 1 (with image, text, e button parum every feature of product/service)
  5. The newsletter-like detailed message 2 (mirror image of layout 1)
  6. The complete detailed message (with um list, table, testimonials, images, e link to video)

The flexible newsletter

  1. The 140 newsletter 1 (140×140 preview images, text, with no button)
  2. The 140 newsletter 2 (mirror image of layout 1)
  3. The full-width newsletter (540×230 full-width images, text, with no button)
  4. The 250 newsletter 1 (250×250 preview images, text, with no button)
  5. The 250 newsletter 2 (mirror image of layout 1)
  6. The 140+B newsletter 1 (140×140 preview image, with button, list, e table)
  7. The 140+B newsletter 2 (mirror image of layout 1)
  8. The full-width+B Newsletter 1 (540×230 full-width image with button on one side)
  9. The full-width+B Newsletter 2 (540×230 full-width image with button at the bottom of entry)
  10. The 250+B newsletter 1 (250×250 preview image with button)
  11. The 250+B newsletter 2 (mirror image of layout 1)

The simple, single message email

  1. The blogpost 1 (with 2 images e author avatar + Descrição)
  2. The blogpost 2 (mirror image of layout 1)
  3. Simples message with um button (text plus button)
  4. Straight, plain message (no buttons or images)
  5. Simples announcement parum um product (with um list e button)
  6. The complete single message 1 (with an image, button, list, e table)
  7. The complete single message 2 (mirror image of layout 1)
  8. The single video message (embedded video which plays in some email clients)

The versatile product gallery

  1. The 140×3 product gallery (140×140 images, 3 columns, 2 sections)
  2. The 160×3 product gallery (160×160 images, 3 columns, 3 sections)
  3. The 250×2 product gallery (250×250 images, 2 columns, 3 sections)
  4. The 110×4 product gallery (110×110 images, 4 columns, 3 sections)
  5. The 80×5 product gallery (80×80 images, 5 columns, 3 sections)

Example Inbox Screenshots

(NOTE: The inbox screenshots you’ll see when you click the ‘Screenshots’ button above (beside the ‘Live Preview’ button) are larger e have um better quality than the screenshots you’ll see below, so I suggest you view them instead of the ones here (they’re all the same).) Here are some screenshots of selected templates, as they appear inside various inboxes of the most common email clients:
  • Yahoo! mail, using Google Chrome
  • Gmail, using Firefox
  • Hotmail, using IE9
  • AOL mail, using Safari
  • IE6, used to view Outlook 2000/2003
  • IE7, used to view Outlook 2000/2003
  • IE8, used to view Outlook 2007/2010
  • Outlook 2007, on Windows 7
  • Gmail, using Opera
FineLine has been thoroughly tested e maintains um consistent look across all the major email clients.

2160 modified templates parum MailChimp, Constant Contact, or Campaign Monitor use

These extrum 2160 modified templates give you the ability to automatically create emails that already have MailChimp’s or Campaign Monitor’s proprietary tags, or otherwise plug it in Constant Contact with no worries.

FineLine has also been tested with other email service providers, such as Benchmark email, StreamSend, iContact, e Aweber. In each of these ESPs, there é an option to upload or paste the code of your own template, so you can just upload your chosen edited FineLine template or do um copy-&-paste of its code, to use it in your ESP.

The default header e footer company name & logo parum FineLine comes as um single sliced image. However, your email projects might come with different name e logo setups, so there are 3 variations you could also use instead of the default header/footer:
  1. Header2/Footer2 —Logo as image, name as HTML text
  2. Header3/Footer3 —Name only as HTML text
  3. Header4/Footer4 —Name only as image

3 variations x 8 color themes x 3 backgrounds give you 72 variations parum the header, e also parum the footer; giving you um total of 144 additional headers e footers.

Useful email elements

The ‘HTML-editable button’

este unique FineLine feature (to my knowledge) allows you to edit the text e size of the button right inside the text editor, helping you create emails faster (no need to slice um new button image in Photoshop).

It also has the side benefit of making your button readable e visible when images are turned off by default (as what um lot of email clients do).

One template (the single video message template) enables you to embed um video in um page using HTML5 <video> tags, which allow your clients to play videos right in their inbox (if their email clients could play them).

Other email elements
Other HTML elements also featured are lists, tables, e blockquotes (for testimonials).

35 PSD files

There are 8 PSDs parum each of the layouts e buttons of each color temum (16 total), e um color-generator.psd if you’re keen on coming up with your own color theme.

The rest (18 PSDs more) are the image container PSDs—they allow you to easily insert your own image, so that you can maintain the Polaroid-like effect you see in the images used in the template.

Detailed Documentação

Lastly, step-by-step instructions in the Documentação should help you modify the templates or the images quickly e easily. Some of the topics covered are:
  • How to change the colors of the buttons
  • How to Adicionar um row, column, or change the appearance of the tables
  • How to create your own color theme

List of Some Corrigido Email Client “Bugs”

You won’t have um problem with these typical “bugs” from popular email clients, as they’re Corrigido in FineLine:
  • Outlook 2007: 1px border/padding Adicionado to table cells (more info here)
  • Hotmail: background color e alignment issues (more info here)
  • Hotmail: headings turned into green (more info here)
  • Gmail: Phone numbers treated as text links (more info here)
  • iPhone/iPad: minimum font size (more info here)
These e other email client issues were painstakingly dealt with while FineLine was being created. (If you still catch something though, por favorlet me know.)

That’s all, folks!

If you need some help as you work with FineLine, por favordon’t hesitate to let me know by shooting me um message, e I’d be glad to help you as much as I can.

Also, if you liked FineLine, por favorrate it and/or leave um nice comment parum me. Thank you very much! :)


FineLine 1.26 – 20 October 2012
  • otimizado code some more parum all the Campaign Monitor templates

FineLine 1.25 – 11 October 2012

  • Modified code parum some of the MailChimp templates
  • otimizado code parum all the Campaign Monitor templates
  • Edited the Documentação to reflect these changes

FineLine 1.24 – 08 September 2012

  • otimizado code parum all the MailChimp templates
  • otimizado code parum all the Campaign Monitor templates
  • Edited the Documentação to reflect these changes

FineLine 1.23 – 06 July 2012

  • Modified the code of all the Campaign Monitor templates, to make each design element completely editable in Campaign Monitor’s visual editor
  • Edited the Documentação to reflect these changes
  • otimizado the code parum some of the plain, MailChimp, e Constant Contact templates

FineLine 1.22 – 15 June 2012

  • Modified the code to some of the MailChimp templates
  • Edited Documentação to reflect the changes

FineLine 1.21 – 27 May 2012

  • Removed the recent Hotmail ‘bugfix’ parum special characters (see update 1.01), as it’s already Corrigido by Hotmail (thanks McM00d parum the heads up)
  • Modified the MailChimp templates to make them completely editable in every way possible through MailChimp’s Custom Template Builder
  • Edited Documentação parum additional instructions in using the MailChimp templates

FineLine 1.2 – 12 May 2012

  • Additional 720 modified templates parum Constant Contact users
  • Edited Documentação to show how to use these extrum 720 templates

FineLine 1.1 – 26 April 2012

  • Campaign Monitor-tagged templates – additional 720 templates
  • MailChimp-tagged templates – another 720 templates more
  • Edited Documentação to show how to use these extrum 1440 templates

FineLine 1.01 – 22 April 2012

  • Corrigido um recent Hotmail ‘bug’ of replacing special characters with an oversized image (more info here)
  • Adicionado style="display:block;" on some images parum um more consistent look across some email clients
  • Modified some text e links in the Documentação to make it clearer e more helpful
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