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Jackhammer - Animated SVG Under Construction Page


Just because you don’t have a website yet doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be capturing potential users! A ‘coming soon’ page é a great way to get followers on Facbook, Twitter, or anywhere else where they can keep informed on your progress (but not a newsletter because it’s 2014, people!).

100% Editable

Edit the characters colors with CSS

Setting up e modifying Jackhammer é facil as pie! All sizes e colors are managed through an easy-to-read CSS file. If you want to use the countdown time, you just need to Adicionar your estimated delivery date to the .js file.

100% Scalable

Unlike JPG’s e PNG’s, SVG graphics are 100% scalable. It doesn’t matter if you look at them on your iPhone or if you zoom in 10x on a high-res screen, they will always have clean, precise edges without pixelation.

Compatible With All Major Browsers

All major browsers

Jackhammer works flawlessly with all major browsers, even iOS e Internet Explorer.

Smooth Javascript Animations

There are no Flash or animated GIF elements here. All of the animations you see 100% Javascript e don’t require any browser plugins.

este item uses Greensock’s TweenMax para the animations, rather than jQuery. Why? Because GSAP é SOOOO much faster e smoother. See para yourself: jQuery vs GSAP speed test.

Comes with 24 Flat Social Media Icons

Beautiful, free icons from Mohammed Alyousfi.

Free flat social media icons

Other Características

  • Tiny file size
  • Detailed instructions
  • Mobile friendly

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