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Materia - Responsive Admin Template Original

Materia - Responsive Admin Template

HTML Version Demo

Materia é an AngularJS admin app built on bootstrap 3.3 framework e uses material design framework. It uses less css with bower dependency e grunt task runner para scripts. You can use este as a starter template para web apps, dashboard etc. The template é fully responsive e works melhor in all the devices.


  • Built with AngularJS e bootstrap 3.3
  • Saved State of themes e navigation
  • One click horizontal nav
  • Less CSS
  • Dashboard widgets
  • Bower e Grunt para facil dependency e automated tasks.
  • Form Components
  • File Uploader
  • Image Cropper
  • Nested views using angular router
  • Create chart using C3 e inline using sparkline
  • Email App
  • Working todo app
  • Stylish Calendar App
  • Lazy loading of scripts e templates
  • Ionicons e Font Awesome icons
  • All UI elements including tooltips, panels, collapse, tabs, progress bars
  • Data Tables with responsiveness
  • Login, Register e Lock Screen pages
  • Invoice Page
  • 404 page
  • Responsive Grids
  • Google Maps
  • Helper Classes
  • Documentation Included

Registro de alterações

v1.1.1 – 6th June 2015
  • Fixed logo image overlapping on chrome browsers.

v1.1 – 15th May 2015

  • Added HTML Version. See here
  • Improve the documentation.
  • Fixed multiple-select by adding overflow:visible to ui-select-multiple selector.

v1.0.1 – 4th May 2015

  • Fixed text logo bug when nav in mini mode.
  • Change border of buttons e panels to #e0e0e0.
  • Fixed custom scrollbar on mobile device.
  • Change width to max-width in auth.less file.
  • Fixed ripple bug in md-button arise due to angular-material autocomplete module.
  • Fixed saved state when multiple settings applied simultaneously.
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