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Multi Hms - Hospital Management System (Saas App) Original

Multi Hms - Hospital Management System (Saas App)

Multi HMS – Hospital Management System (SaaS App)

Web based hospital management System

The Ultimate solution para managing single or multiple :

  • Hospital
  • Diagnostic Center
  • Clinic
  • Nursing Home

  • For Single Hospital

    -> Instalar the application
    -> Login as admin with username: e pass: 12345
    -> Change your username e password from profile module.
    -> Run your system.
    -> Thats it !.

    For Multiple Hospital

    -> Instalar the application.
    -> Login as super admin with username: e pass: 12345
    -> Create hospitals from hospital module in dashboard.
    -> During creating a hospital totally new e separated hospital system will be created para that hospital.
    -> Give the admin login credentials to hospitals
    -> Thats it !.

    negocios Opportunity

    Make a Platform para all hospitals in your community.

    Different hospitals owned by different people can be managed by este single application. Create an account para a hospital e give the login details to that hospital. thats it !


    Hi, yes we do, once you purchased lets know, we will carry the rest of the things.


    Yes, we do, based on your requirements, we can charge a fair amount.

    Super Admin

  • Super Admin manage all the hospitals.
  • Create, Edit & delete hospitals.

  • Demo Username:
    Password: 12345


    Password: 12345

  • Admin can manage full hospital.
  • Create, Edit & delete departments.
  • Create, Edit & delete doctor, patient, nurse, pharmacist, accountant, laboratorist.
  • Add, edit e delete bed & bed allotment.
  • Admin can manage financial activities.
  • Can generate date-to-date payment & expense category wise financial report.
  • Can create, edit & delete payment, expense & categories.
  • Can view the Financial Report.
  • Add, edit & delete medicine & medicine category.
  • Add, edit & delete donor.
  • Add, edit & delete report.
  • Admin can change Hospital Settings.
  • Can view e edit own profile.

  • Doctor

  • Doctor can create, edit e delete patient.
  • Add, Edit & delete medicine.
  • Add, Edit & delete Donor.
  • Add, Edit & delete bed & bed allotments.
  • Add, Edit & delete bed categories.
  • Add, Edit & delete reports.
  • Can view own profile.
  • Can change password.

  • Patient

  • Patient can see own report.
  • Patient can see the blood bank.
  • Can manage own profile.

  • Pharmacist

  • Pharmacist Can manage everything about medicine.
  • Create medicine.
  • Can edit or delete.
  • Can create medicine categories.
  • Can edit or delete them.
  • Can preview or edit own profile.

  • Accountant

  • Accountant can manage the full financial activities.
  • Adicionar payments.
  • Adicionar expenses.
  • View Invoices.
  • Print Invoices.
  • Can generate date-to-date payment & expense category wise financial report.
  • Also can add, edit or delete patients.
  • Can manage own profile.

  • Laboratorist:

  • Laboratorist can manage the Patient, Donor e Report modules.
  • Create, edit e delete patients.
  • Create, edit e delete donors.
  • Create, edit e delete reports.
  • Can manage blood bank fully.

  • Nurse:

  • Nurse can manage the Patient, Bed & Donor module.
  • Create, edit e delete patients.
  • Create, edit e delete bed.
  • Create, edit e delete bed allotments.
  • Create, edit e delete bed categories.
  • Create, edit e delete donors.
  • Manage blood bank.
  • Create, edit & delete reports.

  • Financial Activities:

    Through este application hospital’s financial activities can be managed.
    Financial activities includes:

  • Patient wise Payments.
  • Invoice generation
  • Print Invoices.
  • Expenses.
  • Creating ilimitado payment e expense categories.
  • Generating a very descriptive Date to Date financial report.
  • Hospital’s Daily, Monthly, Yearly e date to date income report.
  • Category wise Income e expense report.
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