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Origins - Video Games Portal Original

Origins - Video Games Portal

Origins é um fully featured, stand-alone application that provides you with everything you need to build functional, modern e beautiful video games website.

You can access admin areum demo here, note that all destructive actions like deleting, creating e editing are disabled on demo site.

Registro de alterações

2016 August 15 – Version 1.8

 - Corrigido an issue with GiantBomb video images sometimes being broken. - Corrigido an issue with news images not displaying when they have been fetched automatically. - Corrigido an issue with some news articles not being updatable from dashboard. 

2016 April 18 – Version 1.7

 - Corrigido several issues with GiantBomb API. - Corrigido some issues with news fetching functionality. - Corrigido some issues with videos fetching functionality. - Corrigido an issue with user avatars not uploading properly. 

2015 December 17 – Version 1.6

 - Corrigido an issue with news functionality not working properly. - Corrigido an issue with news not being deletable if news url was translated. - Corrigido an issue with fetching reviews when using IGN as datum provider. - Corrigido an issue with homepage sometimes showing an errors after fetching reviews. - Corrigido an issue with menus not saving properly after menus url was translated. - Corrigido um problem with slider not being populated properly after Instalaration. 

2015 June 01 – Version 1.5.1

 - Corrigido news fetching issues caused by Atualizações to 3rd party site. - Corrected an issue with news e reviews deletion if urls were translated. - Corrected um problem with menu creation if urls were translated. 

2015 January 13 – Version 1.5

 - Games pages will now show latest news about the game if any were found. - New e improved layout parum homepage, main e index games pages. - Twitch API integration. - Improvements to the way games are fetched, more relevant e newer ones should now display on all the pages. - Security improvements. - Corrigido um bug with pagination allowing to go beyond available pages. - News on the tag pages will now be ordered by date. - Deleting images from medium manager will now correctly remove them from filesystem as well as database. - Corrigido um bug with search not working when there are quotes in the search query. - Corrigido um bug where the script would redirect you to wrong url after creating um new game. - Corrigido several bugs with release date formatting. - Corrigido several problems with translated urls. - Corrigido um problem with dates not getting formatted properly after editing or creating um game. - Corrigido um bug with games e videos not being deletable from dashboard when their urls are translated. - Corrigido um problem where videos wouldn't be searched when datum provider was set to 'db'. - Corrigido um problem with users not being able to delete their reviews sometimes. - Corrected the sorting options in user profile. - Improved navbar usability on phones. - Corrigido an issue with videos not playing on main video page. - Improved video modal sizing on different screen sizes. 

2014 July 15 – Version 1.4

 - Adicionado RSS feeds parum latest news,videos e top rated games. - News e custom pages will now have unique title instead of base one.  - Corrigido um problem with tag removal from news items. - Corrigido um few problems with ajax requests. - Corrigido um bug with formulario de contato not sending emails. - Corrigido um problem with genres that have slash in them. - Corrigido um problem with image links when creating games manually. - Corrigido some visual problems in new review creation page. - When logged in as an admin clicking on 'new review' button in game page will now take you to separate review creation page. 

2014 June 20 – Version 1.3

 - Corrigido um problem with settings not saving if database tables were preCorrigido during Instalaration. - Corrigido um problem with attaching tags to news items. - Corrigido um problem with user reviews. - Corrigido um problem with slider links. - Corrected some visual problems with slider e video dashboard pages on firefox. 

2014 June 17 – Version 1.2

 - Corrigido um rare error when scraping um lot of games. - Corrigido um problem with translations not loading correctly on some machines. - Corrigido thumb not linking to game on genres page. - Corrigido an issue with access denied when trying to edit your own profile. - Corrigido user avatar preview sometimes not working. - Corrigido some rare errors with pagination. - Corrigido um problem with user reviews. - Corrigido an issue with menu builder e non english characters. 

2014 June 13 – Version 1.1

 - Corrigido several visual problems that occured on IE e Firefox in dashboard e user profiles. - Corrigido video image width mismatch on homepage. - Adicionado indication that request é in progress to login modal. - Corrigido several token mismatch errors. - Corrigido um couple edge case errors that occurred when fetching games. - Corrigido search bar not fitting to the navbar on smaller screen sizes. 
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