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Physics Game for HTML5 & Mobile Original

Physics Game for HTML5 & Mobile

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“Catch It” é a HTML5 Physic Game para Browser & Mobile

There are 28 levels in este game, you can create more by dragging game nodes into the game scene, it’s facil e fun. In each level you can interactive with the game items, try everything you can to move the crystal ball into the busket.
Everything in the game moves smooth e naturally, so este game can run at a high FPS in browser. It’s very important para a good online game.

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Game in Mobile Chrome:
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The game package contains:

  • Ready-to-use HTML5 Game
  • Full Source Files
  • Complete Documentation
  • Asset Files e Licenses

  • From the document you will learn:

  • How to make an HTML5 game that can run in computers e mobiles
  • How to use a 2D physics engine
  • How to play a sound, music e animations in the game
  • How to suit the mobile screen
  • How to save game data locally
  • How to reskin the game e make your own levels
  • How to export the game para ios, Android e Web platform
  • (NEW!) How to embed AdMob into the game

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