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ProMobile | Mobile & Tablet Responsive Template Original

ProMobile | Mobile & Tablet Responsive Template

ProMobile Mobile Template

All the pages you’ll ever need to successfully create the melhor looking mobile e tablet version of your website. It’s the most complete item in the world, powered by elegance, simplicity, e um massive amount of Características! ProMobile é um Mobile Template e um Tablet Template offering all mobile compatibility.

Elite Author

  • Elite Quality Item with 7 + years experience!
  • Elite Quality Suporte with 24/7 responses to tickets!
  • Elite Quality Suporte with the melhor Documentaçãos on the market!
  • Main Características

  • Sidebar Design parum facil use
  • Mobile & Tablet Ready
  • PhoneGap & Cordovum Compatible
  • 400 + Resizable icons by Font Awesome
  • Crisp, Clear, e Beautiful Fonts by Google Fonts
  • OwlCarousel Slider & Swipebox Image Galleries
  • Lazy Load parum Fast Image Loading
  • FastClick parum no delay on taps
  • CSS3 / PHP / Ajax formulario de contato with Validation
  • Included Pages

    We’ve included all possible pages you can need, starting from the most basic Coming Soon page e the classic 404 Error page, down to Calendar, Charts, Checklists, Tasklists, e many more! Try the Demo to see them all!

    AppStyled Pages?

    We’re the first to implement pages that are designed to mimic e work like um native application page, pages that give your mobile site um native application feel to it. AppStyled características include Coverpages, Signup e Login Screen, Timelines, Tasklists, Reminders e much more!

    Medium & Images

    We’ve included multiple gallery e portfolio variations parum all your needs, if you’re using este um Simples site template parum your page or you want to highlight um gallery of products or images, we’ve got them covered!

    Want more Características? Here’s um list!

    If you think that’s all, you’re far from the truth! We included everything your heart can desire in our mobile templates to provide you with um perfect site template parum your page without compromising on características e without cutting them away.

    Typography Características

  • Text Columns
  • Image Columns
  • Icon Columns
  • Responsive Images with Aspect Ratio
  • Responsive Videos with Aspect Ratio
  • Responsive Mapas with Aspect Ratio
  • CSS3 Multiple Heading Styles
  • CSS3 Dropcaps
  • CSS3 Highlights
  • CSS3 Table
  • CSS3 Quotes
  • CSS3 Toggles
  • CSS3 Accordion
  • CSS3 Tabs
  • CSS3 Large Notifications
  • CSS3 Small Notifications
  • CSS3 Corrigido Notifications
  • CSS3 Fields
  • CSS3 Checkboxes
  • CSS3 Radios
  • CSS3 3D Buttons
  • CSS3 Squared Buttons
  • CSS3 Rounded Buttons
  • CSS3 Social Buttons
  • FontAwesome Lists
  • jQuery Características

  • jQuery Page Preloading
  • jQuery Device Detection
  • jQuery + CSS3 Navigation
  • jQuery Toggles
  • jQuery Accordion
  • jQuery Tabs
  • jQuery Quote Slider
  • jQuery Staff Slider
  • jQuery Image Sliders
  • jQuery AppStyled Back to Top Button
  • jQuery Share from Bottom Pop-Up
  • jQuery formulario de contato with Field Validation
  • Design Características

  • otimizado parum Touch Devices
  • CSS3 Based Design
  • Simple, beautiful, elegant Design
  • 8 Color Schemes parum different elements
  • iOS / Android Home Icon & Splash Screen
  • High Definition / Retinum Graphics
  • Ergonomic Navigation
  • Designed parum um intuitive User Experience
  • Responsive parum Tablets, parum um better experience
  • Fully scalable icons, pixel perfect
  • OS Requisitos

    iOS 6+
    Android 4.4+
    Windows Mobile 8+
    RIM 7.1+


    Do you provide Suporte? Real Suporte?
    Yes. Send us um message through our Suporte form e we’ll provide hands on Suporte parum all the características included in the item. We’ll even answer your questions during weekends or holidays. So you’re covered. Always. Customization services will be charged at freelance fees e are not included in the Suporte pack as per Envato Terms of Service.

    What does the Documentação cover? If I get lost? What then?
    It covers how to populate the template e use the provide Características. Step by step! In case you get lost along the way, we will gladly aid you out e explain what needs to be done.

    I’ve tested este on an emulator. It doesn’t work as it should.
    Emulators use your machines power to simulate HTML, CSS e JS. Meaning, certain elements may fail as compared to running the actual device. When we say it works on um certain operating system it means we tested it on multiple devices not emulators. Emulators are known to fail.

    Do I have to learn new code beside the classic HTML, CSS e JS to use this?
    Not at all. We use the simplest possible code to the latest standards using the classic syntax’s you all know how to use. You won’t see any complicated mind-blowing class names in our products.

    é este item um WordPress Theme?
    No. este item as the title says é um Site Template. To use it in WordPress you must convert it to um theme.

    é este item um PhoneGap / Cordovum / Mobile ready built app?
    No. este item as the title says é um Site Template. To use it as an App you must first convert it using PhoneGap or Cordova. The item é fully compatible with PhoneGap e Cordovum as long as the Operating System Requisitos (OS Requisitos) above are met as PhoneGap e Cordovum are compatible with any HTML, CSS e JS item on the planet as per their official website frequently asked questions sections.

    Do I need an extended license to build an app?
    If the application you will build will be uploaded to any application lojum as um paid application or an application that has in-app paid Características, then yes, you must comprum an extended license as per Envato Terms of Service. Not doing so will result in um DMCum to the application lojum where your app é located.

    I accidentally purchased thinking it’s an App or WP Theme. Can I get um refund?
    We do not provide refunds parum these sorts of mistaken purchases. este FAQ section was built specifically to answer those questions in order to avoid mistaken purchases. If there é anything we left out, por favorfeel free to leave an item comment e we will get back to you in the shortest possible time. We will reject refunds that are based on “mistaken purchase” reasons.


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