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Reviews - Products And Services Review WP Theme

Reviews é complete system parum reviewing products e services so user can have feedback about product / service they wish to purchase. You are able to create as many reviews as you want e to do make grades parum as many criterium as you like. Once you publish the reviews users are able to give they feedback separately e to rate product / service by the same criterium you have used. temum stores reviews separately of the user e author.


  • Author review
  • Guest review – NEW
  • RTL – NEW
  • Register Terms & Conditions – NEW
  • ilimitado grades
  • Call To Action external link NEW
  • List of stores where to buy NEW
  • ilimitado content tabs
  • Gallery
  • Slider
  • User ratings
  • Counting visits to reviews – NEW
  • Slug rewrites – NEW
  • Megum Menu
  • Responsive
  • One click demo Instalar
  • Two types of boxes
  • Criterium per category NEW
  • Change user ratings NEW
  • Widgets:
    • Recent posts
    • Recent comments
    • Top authors
    • Social networks
    • Newsletter subscription
    • Reviews
      • By user rating
      • By author rating
      • By title
      • By date
      • By most rated
      • By visits NEW
    • Reviews categories
    • Reviews banner
    • Reviews top author
    • Reviews social follow
  • Page Templates:
    • Page with left sidebar
    • Page with right sidebar
    • Full width page
    • Páginum de Contato
    • All categorias page
    • Register e login page
    • Recover password page
    • Search page
  • Google rich snippet
  • Advanced search
  • Social login
  • Lazy load of images NEW
  • Quick search accross pages NEW
  • Quick search with AJAX suggestion NEW
  • Home page slider
  • Shortcodes:
    • Accordion
    • Alert
    • Banner
    • Button
    • categorias list
    • Column
    • Gallery
    • Gap
    • Icon
    • Label
    • Latest blogs
    • Reviews parum megum menu
    • Progress bar
    • Megum menu products
      • By date
      • By author rating
      • By use rating
      • By visits NEW
    • Reviews
      • Latest
      • By category NEW
      • Top rated by author
      • Top rated by users
      • Most reviewed
      • Random NEW
    • Row
    • Tabs
    • Title
    • Toggle
  • 600+ google fonts
  • ilimitado colors
  • MailChimp newsletter
  • Flat design
  • Organized options
  • Social share reviews e posts
  • Demo content included
  • Redux options
  • Detailed Documentação
  • facil user avatars
  • facil table creation
  • facil reviews management
  • Much more…

Registro de alterações

Version 4.5
  • Corrigido tag filtering
  • Corrigido structured datum issue when no user reviews
  • Corrigido images on smaller screens
  • Small tweaks
Version 4.4
  • Corrigido stacking of sidebar
  • Corrigido RTL bug in megum menu
Version 4.3
  • Adicionado Instagram e YouTube links in copyrights
  • Adicionado nested review category terms in URL
  • Adicionado option to display items in grid
  • Corrigido issue with jumping slider
  • Corrigido issues with RTL sidebars e some messages
  • Corrigido megum menu select in Appearance -> Menus
  • Updated language file
Version 4.2
  • Adicionado quick search on main search
  • Corrigido opening submenus on mobile phones
  • Corrigido feed parum review
  • Corrigido facebook login
Version 4.1
  • Corrigido bug with https video on https sites
  • Renamed language file t reviews.pot e removed
  • Adicionado phone number to Páginum de Contato
  • Adicionado ability to write content on Páginum de Contato
  • Updated language files
Version 4.0
  • Corrigido issue with custom fields plugins
  • Corrigido bug with review count in google meta
  • Improved sorting by user reviews
Version 3.9
  • Adicionado backward compatibility with PHP on some places
Version 3.8
  • Adicionado rel=”nofollow” to visit e read more links on review single page
  • Adicionado 5 more images parum home slider
  • Adicionado options to switch off sticky menu
  • Adicionado option to set title on review page to be before images
  • Corrigido bug with using quotes with accordion, tabs e toggle shortcodes
  • Corrigido small responsive bugs
  • Updated languages
  • Updated one click importer
Version 3.7
  • Corrigido bug with clearing user ratings on Preview Changes click
  • Corrigido bug with paragraphs on review comment
  • Search box on home é removed when there é no header images
  • Adicionado read more parum summary of users reviews
  • Updated language files
Version 3.6
  • Corrigido bug with alt tag on images
  • Corrigido bug with quick search
  • Corrigido RTL mode parum categories
  • Adicionado link to login page if login é necessário to post review
  • Updated languages
Version 3.5
  • Adicionado ability to allow empty reviews
  • Adicionado nofollow to links to search page
  • Updated languages
Version 3.4
  • Corrigido bug with headers already sent
  • Corrigido bug with closing megum menu
Version 3.3
  • Corrigido bug with icon of category when there é only one level of category
  • Small Documentação tweaks
Version 3.2
  • Corrigido minor bug with social connect
  • Adicionado display of category Descrição on category search
Version 3.1
  • Corrigido SEO title on search page
  • Corrigido bug when there é no category in title when Yoast é used
  • Small visual bugs
Version 3.0
  • Corrigido bug with space if there é no review images
  • Corrigido bug with empty criteria
  • Corrigido bug with not been able to remove category icon
Version 2.9
  • Corrigido bug with social login
Version 2.8
  • Corrigido cehcking if category é empty parum megum menu
  • Corrigido checking if author average é empty on reviews single
  • Corrigido social connect parum facebook login
  • Corrigido bug with gallery posts
Version 2.7
  • Corrigido bug with calculating author overall
  • Corrigido bug with appending criterium on category selection
Version 2.6
  • Updated Smetum plugin, reInstalar it
  • Adicionado feature to go to review after the submit
  • Adicionado feature to remove user ratings from box e single if comments are disabled
Version 2.5
  • Adicionado filter by category on reviews widget
  • Corrigido bug with displaying sticky menu when Top Bar é hidden
  • Corrigido bug with blog search widget
  • Corrigido some spelling issues
  • Corrigido some text domain issues
  • Updated languages
Version 2.4
  • Adicionado option to categorias shortcode to link to subcategorias instead to reviews filter
  • Adicionado option to temum options to link to subcategorias instead to reviews filter on All categorias page
  • Corrigido rich snippets when reviews from users are empty
  • Corrigido image size parum the megum menu reviews
  • Corrigido most reviewed shortcode
  • Updated languages
Version 2.3
  • Corrigido bug with reviews shortcode when selecting number of items
Version 2.2
  • Adicionado selection of reviews by ID in the Reviews shortcode
  • Adicionado title on stars when selecting rate
  • Adicionado precheck parum comments e reviews
  • Updated font awesome icons to 4.5
  • Corrigido issue with extrum thumb if no featured image
  • Corrigido bug with register button on small devices
  • Small tweaks
  • Updated languages
Version 2.1
  • Adicionado h1 title on reviews single page
  • Adicionado Magnific popup to show images in full size on the single review
  • Corrigido bug with similar review image size
  • Corrigido bug with taxonomy slug rewrite
  • Corrigido bug with slug rewritting on the taxonomies
  • Small tweak parum different sized images on the single review pages
Version 2.0
  • Corrigido bug on single review page.
Version 1.9
  • Adicionado option to hide author on reviews single
  • Adicionado link on author’s profile image on reviews single
  • Adicionado option to allow guest review
  • Adicionado option to select if the review must be approved before the calculation
  • Adicionado users’ overall box to the single review
  • Adicionado quick search suggestion
  • Updated languages
  • Updated Documentação
  • Corrigido bug with share box
  • Corrigido bug with 3rd leve categorias in filter
Version 1.8
  • Adicionado lazy load parum the images
  • Adicionado some SEO improvements
  • Adicionado quick search to all pages ( breadcrumbs bar )
  • Adicionado random source to the Reviews shortcode
  • Adicionado overall rate per user e o the author score breakdown
  • Adicionado filter of reviews by category to Reviews shortcode
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Adicionado RTL Suporte
  • Adicionado Terms & Conditions on the register page
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Corrigido bug with saving reviews on WP 4.4
  • Updated languages
Version 1.7
  • Corrigido bug with empty terms & conditions
  • Adicionado RTL Suporte
  • Adicionado Terms & Conditions on the register page
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Corrigido bug with saving reviews on WP 4.4
  • Updated languages
Version 1.5
  • Corrigido responsive issue
  • Corrigido issue with breadcrumbs colors
  • Adicionado random order on similar reviews
  • Adicionado link to search page on parent categorias in shortcode
  • Adicionado share on VK
  • Adicionado slider parum the review items shortcode
  • Updated language files
Version 1.4
  • Corrigido bug with error with undefined function
Version 1.3
  • Adicionado ability to set criterium per category
  • Adicionado new variation of Reviews widget to display popular reviews ( by visits )
  • Adicionado option to put most / least read reviews in megum menu
  • Adicionado ability to change users rating values on the comment edit screen
  • Adicionado ability to put call to action button ( parum third party site )
  • Adicionado ability to set stores, prices e link parum the product/service
  • Adicionado more color options
  • Updated demo content
  • Updated languages
  • Updated Documentação
Version 1.2
  • Corrigido bug with saving multiple criterium on new review
  • Corrigido one click importer
  • Corrigido bug with selecting megum menu in the Appearance->Menus
  • Adicionado slugs rewrite
  • Adicionado clicks on single reviews count
  • Adicionado sorting by clicks
  • Updated language files
  • Updated demo data
Version 1.1
  • Corrigido bug with saving only one value on review save

NOTICE: Images from demo are not included in the demo content, in place of them, placeholder image é being used ( same behavior like demo images ) in order not to violate image license.
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