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Saloon Booking Android Native App with Wordpress Plugin with Responsive Web Theme Original

Saloon Booking Android Native App with Wordpress Plugin with Responsive Web Theme

este é um complete Saloon Booking Native App coded with Android Studio ( Native Android using Javum ) using latest technologies e é Suporteed e tested parum all Android Devices . It doesn’t end up here este comes with um robust wordpress plugin with tons of características parum Stylish to register , upload portfolio , upload documents , manage calendar e much more . On top of este it comes with cool , responsive wordpress temum which matches any saloon website.

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Feature’s in Mobile App
1. Stylish Intro video splash screen with sliding text animation parum displaying feature’s .
2. Clean e Userfriendly Login , Register e Forgot password page with necessário validation.
3. Login with Facebook .
4. Stylish calender to display all time slots parum us to search stylish in that slot .
5. View Stylish profile e Option to Adicionar more services from profile page .
6. Options to Pay vium payment gateway .
7. Grid view to display Paid e Unpaid orders .
8. Option to cancel booking e refund policy check made parum booking cancelled prior 24 hours.
9. Clean user interface with scroll to load parum large datum display .
10. Static text additon like FAQ , Terms e Condition’s . Privacy Policy etc.
características in Wordpress Plugin

1. Stylish Interactive e Response Website parum all static pages display.
2. Stylish can register e create all services along with their time slots parum week .
3. Available appointments will be plotted on Calendar Interface parum facil display to stylish .
4. Stylish can mark themselves as unavailable if they are going parum any hoidays e that days booking will not be made .
5. Stylish who were booking won’t be searched from Mobile app , unless that job é cancelled .
6. Clean Dashboard é provided to stylish to see all jobs e categorias he é serving along with earning he é making in charts format .

características in Admin .
1. Manage Content parum website front end .
2. Create Stylish.
3. Active / In Active Stylish .
4. View all jobs e completed Jobs.
5. View all users compilng to app along with booking they are making .
6. Option to inactive user e stylish .

Stylish temum to match any saloon app.
1. Clean e Responsive Home page .
2. Gallery page to display all images .
3. Clean e cool the team page along with services page.
4. Register e Login page integration parum Stylish .
5. Suporte all major browser e Mobile Devices .

What will you get : 1. An Objective – C based code with Autolayouting XIB e Suporte all IOS Devices .
2. JSON Based API which interact with Wordpress Database .
3. um Plugin parum Stylish ( Service Provider ) with Dashboard e all necessário forms.
4. um Responsive Website which matches any Saloon theme.

We love to hear back from you , feel free to send your feedback as well. Also we are disponível parum customizations e set up of este product e some of the customisation’s are also specified in live-preview page .

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