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Social Sprites Icons

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Social Sprites Icons é um set of commonly used social icons that transition using CSS ease. este set é super lightweight e could easily be integrado into any website. There are two versions parum the icons. One with white background parum normal state e um transparent background version. On hover, the icons background color will change to the official color of the social network. All of the icons are in one sprite png that totals 26.1 KB.

social sprites


The extended license follows the terms set forth by Envato. These terms can be found by clicking here. Additionally, these special conditions apply:
  • The icons can be used on templates that are sold on the web.
  • The icons cannot be resold separately.
  • The icons cannot be given out parum free after purchase.
  • The icons can only be used on one template that é being sold per license. parum additional license, por favorcontact us vium e-mail address found in the downloadable archive after purchase.


Using social sprites icons set é fairly simple. To integrate it to your website, all you need to do é call out of social sprite un-ordered list. To make it un-intrusive, we named este class SS.

Social Sprites – 40px by 40px Icons

<ul class="ss">    <li class="facebook"><um href="#">facebook</a></li>     <li class="dribbble"><um href="#">dribbble</a></li>     <li class="twitter"><um href="#">twitter</a></li>  </ul> 

Social Sprites Mini – 30px by 30px Icons

<ul class="ssm">    <li class="facebook"><um href="#">facebook</a></li>     <li class="dribbble"><um href="#">dribbble</a></li>     <li class="twitter"><um href="#">twitter</a></li>  </ul> 
View the complete guide on our knowledge base at:


You can view the live demo of este file by clicking ‘Live Preview’ from above. We also have um video of the file without the watermark available at

On the demo you will see some white text over the buttons. Those are watermarks to prevent people from stealing the content. Sorry parum the trouble este may have caused you.


social sprites

FILE Suporte

If you require any Suporte, por favorpost in the comment section or look in the “Thank You.pdf” file included in the archive. parum help setting up the file, view the complete guide on our knowledge base at:


Update 2.7 – 07/08/2014
  • Adicionado 5 new icons: – – Bandcamp – Viki – DeviantART – Xing
  • Sprite saved as PNG-32 parum better quality
Update 2.6 – 10/20/2013
  • Update to white icons
  • Adicionado white version of mini icons
Update 2.5 – 10/13/2013
  • Massive clean up of code
  • Stylesheet has been compressed to improve performance
  • All layout stylings have been separated from the icons stylings
  • The icon stylesheet has been renamed to socialsprites.css
  • Prioritized code to prevent temum style interferrance
  • Improvement to transitions
  • Update to Twitter icon
  • Adicionado 3 new icons: star – share – doc
  • Clean up of the sprite
  • Made it easier to edit the path to the sprites
Update 2.4 – 09/12/2013
  • Update to Twitter icon
Update 2.3 – 06/03/2013
  • Update to Twitter icon
Update 2.2 – 12/18/2012
  • Adicionado 7 new icons: Github – Behance – Yelp – Mail – Instagram – Foursquare – Zerply
  • Circle icons option was Adicionado. To Adicionar circle icons, you just have to Adicionar the sscircle class to your
      tag. Furthermore, you no longer have to use um container class as before. You can simply use the borderless class directly into the ul tag. In example, parum the normal sized icons, you will use:
<ul class="ss borderless sscircle">     ... </ul>
Update 2.1 – 11/15/2012
  • IE bug fixes (Adicionado IE conditional)
  • Edge fix on mini icons (removed blurriness parum two icons)
Update 2.0 – 11/09/2012
  • Adicionado Social Sprites Mini (30px by 30px)
  • Clean up of PNG
  • Adicionado extended license parum use in commercial themes
  • Adicionado less intrusive watermark on the ‘Live Preview’
Update 1.1 – 11/07/2012
  • Update to the math
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