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Square Photo Gallery

What é Square Gallery?
Square Gallery é a small gallery plugin para your website, which runs without any frameworks. Square Gallery doesn’t disturb your website normal operation e causes no conflicts with other code. Check out the demo gallery at the top of the page. Square Gallery currently supports Firefox 3.0+, Safari 4.0+, Chrome 5.0+, Opera 9.5+ e Internet Explorer 8.0+.

Square Gallery can be generated as a separate gallery page or easily integrado into existing html page. The gallery can also be used para building some nice website menus (e.g., demo). Each gallery item can be opened e enlarged in a Simples but functional lightbox, or be used as a hyperlink leading to a different website page or different website.

MAIN Características
– A lightweight, no-dependency (less than 4kb minified e gzipped)
– Fully responsive
– Browser compatibility
– Retina ready
– Customizable rows e columns (you can change the number of rows and/or columns in the grid based on the container size)
– Smooth animation
– Gallery types with text blocks, links e images
– 5 nice concept hover photo captions
– facil to use e customize
– Simples e beautiful lightbox
– Keyboard navigation

=== Release notes (Version 2) ===
– Improved gallery design
– New version of gallery é faster e more efficient.
– Now gallery é fully responsive
– Adding 5 types of photo caption
– All code é rewritten from scratch (code became 2 times smaller – less than 4kb)
– Fully compliant with HTML5 e CSS3 standards
– Adding IE8 support
– Added the ability to create multiple copies of the gallery on the same page
– Many minor bug fixes e improvements.

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13 de Outubro de 2013

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22 de Dezembro de 2015

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