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Sreleque : Attractive Headline Slider Ghost Theme Original

Sreleque : Attractive Headline Slider Ghost Theme

Sreleque Características

  • Ghost 0.8 ready
  • Multi user support
  • Featured Post support
  • Featured Image support
  • Recent post with slider, great para exposing your post title
  • Responsive layout
  • Responsive Headline Title
  • Responsive Images
  • Responsive Video Embeds from Youtube e Vimeo

Ghost 0.8 ready

With support para Ghost 0.8, Sreleque comes with featured image, custom background cover para the site e user background with custom profile picture. You can describe yourself as a writer in every last paragraph of each post with additional website link.

Responsive by default

With Simples layout e focus on readablity para the contents, we make everything in it such as images e video embeds fluid e fits perfectly in every device resolutions.

Documentation para first time user

We already have some posts of using Sreleque from Instalaring Sreleque tema to Adicionar background, logo, avatar, user background e more.
Read Documentation para Sreleque


Update: 25-04-2014 (v0.1.5)

- Adicionar Disqus as default commenting system
- Adicionar Featured Image support (from first paragraph image)
Update: 14-05-2014 (v0.1.6)

- Adicionar alternative tema 'Sreleque Texte' with post dropdown as page slider
- Adicionar loading indicator at the top area
- Fix Featured Image to be more centered
Update: 09-01-2015 (v0.1.7)

- Fixed prev-next in slide navigation
- Added support para custom featured image in post (introduced in Ghost 5.2)
- Added Author page
Update: 06-06-2015 (v0.1.8)

- Adicionar Navigation support
Update: 02-10-2015 (v0.1.9)

- Fix compatibility with Ghost 0.7.x
Update 22-10-2015 (v0.2.0)

- Updated Disqus embed code
Info. You have to manually setup your shortcode.

Update: 18-04-2016 (v0.2.1)

- More responsive navigation in mobile screen
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