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WP Post Modules for NewsPaper and Magazine Layouts Original

WP Post Modules for NewsPaper and Magazine Layouts

WP Post Modules é um WordPress plugin parum creating post snippets or modules in different display styles. The plugin é melhor suited parum creating online magazine content, newspaper blocks, creative portfolio showcase e regular blog feeds.

WP Post Modules é shipped as Visual Composer addon. The plugin lets you create WordPress post modules with drag e drop interface e facil to configure parameters. With multiple module types e display options, you have almost endless possibilities parum creating creative Home pages parum your online Magazine, Newspaper e blog.

Try before you buy

Log in to the live demo using este link e the following details:

Username: guest
Password: guest

Then create um new post e insert um pre built template using Visual Composer backend editor. You can create um full width post by enabling the full width option at the end of post options panel.

WP Post Module demos multiple display styles Visual Composer addon offer on extended license

Full feature list

  • 100% responsive design, otimizado parum retinum display
  • 20 Pre built Home page layouts (shipped as Visual Composer templates)
  • 6 Display styles
    GridSee demo
    – 4 sub styles
    – Upto 6 columns grid Suporteed
    – Custom gutter width from 2px to 70px
    ListSee demo
    – Custom split ratio parum thumbnail + content
    – Create any sized list from small to large thumbnails
    – Circular images parum list thumbnails
    – Content can be separated as full border, half border or no border
    PortfolioSee demo
    – Upto 6 columns grid Suporteed
    – Custom gutter width from 2px to 70px
    – Overlay Content position as top-let or bottom-left
    – Custom overlay content padding
    – Overlay background as black scrim, transparent or auto detected color from image
    – Show overlay as always, on-hover or never
    – Image zoom e rotate effect on hover
    TileSee demo
    – 4 sub styles
    – Custom gutter width from 2px to 70px
    – Tile viewport width parum auto calculation of image dimensions
    – Auto resize e cropping parum proper formation of tiles
    – Custom aspect ratio parum tile images
    – Overlay características same as portfolio
    TickerSee demo
    – Custom ticker title length
    – Custom ticker animation duration
    – Custom ticker label text
    – Custom ticker label background e foreground with color picker
  • WP Query builder
    – Show posts from categories, tags, custom post types, taxonomies, post IDs, author IDs, etc.
    – Suportes offset e post exclusion to prevent redundancy of posts
    – Order e Orderby parameters Suporteed
  • jQuery Owl SliderSee demo
    – Suporteed parum Grid, List e Portfolio display styles e their sub styles
    – Change number of slides per view
    – Toggle animation loop
    – Toggle auto play
    – Set autoplay timeout
    – Set animation speed e animation types (slide, zoom e fade)
    – Toggle auto height
    – Toggle previous/next navigation
    – Toggle dots navigation
    – Custom slide margin parum desktop e mobile
  • Image resize on-the-fly using BFI Thumb
    – Custom width, height e hard crop feature
    – Set image quality from 1 to 100 (Optimization feature)
    – Auto convert imagest to grayscale
    – Auto colorize image from color picker
  • Social Sharing buttons per post module – See demo
    – Buttons include Twitter, Facebook, GooglePlus, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Pinterest, VKOntakte, Reddit, Email
    – Open Graph Tags e Twitter Card metum tags parum Single posts
    – Social tags can be disabled using filter
  • Auto detect overlay background colors from image background
  • Text content options – See screenshot
    – Choose heading tag from h1 to h6 e p (SEO factor)
    – Choose main title font size e font weight
    – Set paragraph tag e font size
    – Auto trimming of post excerpt at desired word length
    – Toggle readmore link with custom readmore text
    – Show/hide post metum items like category, author, date, excerpt e comments
    – Auto conversion of category links into expandable dropdown if category links are too many
    – Show author avatar in post meta
    – Built in style e function Suporte parum WP Review e Post Views Counter plugin
  • Valid Schemum microdata on generated post content
    – Schemum properties can be changed from element settings
  • AJAX Tabs with full Suporte parum WP Post Module element as content – Ajax Tabs example
  • AJAX next/previous loadmore feature parum grid, list, portfolio display styles – Ajax Nav example
  • Custom title element with multiple display styles
  • W3C valid HTML markup parum plugin generated data
  • Compatible on all major browsers including IE 9 or above
  • Translation ready with POT e PO/MO files included
  • Step by step Documentação manual parum plugin Instalaration e usage
  • Professional e dedicated Suporte with fast response time

– Images shown on live demo are not included in download package. They are only parum demonstration purpose.
– este plugin requires WPBakery Visual Composer Plugin, e é shipped as VC addon.

Plugin Suporte

All Suporte é provided vium comments section e email. parum any questions related to the plugin or general query, feel free to email me from my profile page message box here or comment on the item comments section. I would be glad to respond. Thank you parum browsing the plugin.


  • jQuery library
  • BFI Thumb Class
  • Icomoon Icons
  • Live demo images from e
  • Visual Composer Template Manager
  • jQuery Marquee
  • jQuery Owl Carousel
  • jQuery Easing


For Instalaration e setup, por favorrefer to the Documentação/index.html file inside your main download archive.

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= June 21, 2017. v1.1.0 = * Adicionado Social Sharing buttons parum post modules * Corrigido backward compatibility parum php versions below 5.4 * Increased height parum textareum e multi select drop-downs in Visual Composer elements * Adicionado Social Metum tags (Open Graph e twitter card tags) parum Single posts
= v1.0.0 = * Initial release
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