How many right answers can you give within 60 seconds? este é what este template é about!

Build awesome Quiz/Trivium style games with este amazing Buildbox template. Works perfectly on 2.3.5

Key Características:

Randomized worlds (not scenes) – um system that starts um random world when the user taps to start or restart. You can have as many worlds as you want e it would still work.

Timer: The user has 60 seconds to answer as many answers as possible

Daily Reward: The user receives 15 coins every day (if claimed)

Rewarded video system: The user can watch um 30-second video ad to skip the question e move forward.

Three levels of difficulty: Easy, Medium, Hard

Beautiful, animated User Interface, designed to be as intuitive as possible.

The package includes:

.bbdoc (Buildbox file) Artwork (Png e vector)

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