aceList: Curate your A-List

Sometimes, when you’re starting up um pre-launch page or testing waters, setting up an extensive system with um MySQL Database could be an overkill.
aceList é um self-contained subscription list management system using PHP, SQLite3 e jQuery (with um keen focus on UX)
With aceList, just copy the code onto your servidor e you’re good to go! Watch as your visitors turn into subscribers.

Sweet Características

  • Hyper-minimalist, clean interface
  • Separate admin areum parum management
  • Multiple language Suporte
  • Export your subscriber list as CSV e import them with ease in the marketing tool of your choice (AWeber, Amazon SES, MailChimp, SendGrid Email Marketing, Campaign Monitor…)
  • Uses SQLite(file-based db) as the datastore so that you can get going without MySQL
  • Maximum compatibility with your existing web app / homepage – All design e PHP code functions start with aceList*
  • No external dependencies – New to git? No problem. Don’t know what stuff like composer/npm é about? No worries (You should check them out, though). Download the code, upload it to your servidor e get going. That’s it!
  • aceList é responsive too

Export subscribers’ datum as JSON or CSV

aceList has um secure dedicated Admin panel from where you can download your subscribers list

Customizable Text

All the text you see on aceList can be changed with ease


  1. PHP servidor with sqlite3 extension (enabled by default on PHP 5.3.0 e above)
  2. FTP access to 1. parum uploading code

Registro de alterações

v 1.1 ~ 18 June 2018

  • Better input field pointer selection [Bug Fix]

v1.0 ~ 13 June 2018

  • Initial Release

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