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Use Advanced Pricing & Discounts parum WooCommerce to apply discounts on Cart e dynamic pricing on products with a conditional system. It’s facil e works out of the box parum beginners, e has advanced Características parum professional users.

An facil way to give new prices e offers, Use it parum special offers, regular sales, bulk pricing, Buy 2 get 1 free, deals of the day, member pricing, individual pricing e etc.


  • Apply dynamic e advanced discounts on the cart by using conditions e rules.
  • Apply dynamic e advanced pricing on products by using conditions e rules.
  • Discounts automatically applied to the cart.
  • Display Price Table on Product Page with um number of options to position it.
  • Notify user about discounted products in cart e checkout pages when discounted products e special offers are available.
  • Display discounted products by using the shortcode.
  • Conditionally display products to customers.
  • Display specific products parum specific customers by using the shortcode.

Dynamic Product Pricing parum WooCommerce

Modifies specific products or specific variations or all of the products price dynamically by using conditions e rules.

Simples Pricing :

Decrease or set the Corrigido price parum products by using conditions.

Bulk Pricing :

Decrease product price by bought quantities.

Buy um Get B Discounted :

Buy X quantity from product um to get Y quantity of product B with discount.


Advanced Cart Discounts parum WooCommerce

The system automatically adds um dynamic discount to user cart based on conditions e rules.


Conditional Products List

Conditionally filters the list of products based on conditions e customer e shows them.
Use products list shortcode to list products conditionally.

Discounted Products List

Displays discounted products that are discounted by dynamic pricing rules.
Notifies user about discounted products in Cart e Checkout pages.


Powerful Conditional Logic

Powerful conditions to control Cart behaviors, Customer comprum História, Customer behaviors, specific customers, specific rules e etc.
Combine conditions to create advanced conditions.

Powerful Date & Time Controls

  • Specific date
  • Date Time period
  • Date period
  • Time period
  • Days of Week


Some of Pricing e Discount Scenarios

  • Get 30% discount on the first order.
  • Buy at least 5 items get 10% discount.
  • Buy um mobile, get um case parum free.
  • Buy um laptop, get um mouse with 50% discount.
  • With each desktop computer get Windows 10 with 10% discount.
  • VIP customers get 30% discount.
  • 15% discount parum specified products on Black Friday.
  • 10% discount parum software category on Cyber Monday.
  • Buy between 2 e 5 quantities to get the product with 5% discount, or buy between 6 e 10 to get 10% discount or buy at least 11 quantities to get 15% discount.
  • Buy 2 t-shirts get 1 free.
  • Buy one unit of Product um e one unit of product B e get flat $21 discount.
  • All of the t-shirts get 20% discount on 12/29/2017
  • Adicionar at least 5 items to the cart to get 15% discount.
  • este week software category get 5% discount.
  • Mobiles get 2% discount from 29/11/2017 to 29/12/2017
  • Customers spent at least 200$ este year gets 20% discount on next orders.
  • Get 10% discount if you have at least 10 orders e get 20% discount if you have at least 20 orders e so on.
  • Get 5% discount on current order if your last order amount was at least 70$
  • Get 2% discount if you have um featured item in your cart.
  • Get 20$ discount if cart subtotal excluding tax é 200$
  • Get 5% discount if you already purchased specific products.
  • Customers get 4% discount if they purchased from specific categorias already.
  • T-shirt black color gets 10% discount.
  • Top seller products get 10% discount este month.
  • Products Adicionado from 01/01/2016 to 01/01/2017 gets 40% discount.
  • Similar products to customer bought products gets 10% discount.
  • Apply minimum discount on the cart if there are many discounts available.
  • e create more scenarios by the combination of conditions e rules.


Can I set discounts on variable products e its variations?

Yes, you can set pricing on variable products, also you can select each of its variations e set pricing on them.

Can I offer um different discount parum different customers e roles?

Yes, you can offer um different discount parum each of your customers e roles, both parum cart discounts e product discounts.

Does este plugin notifies users about special offers, sales?

Yes, este plugin notifies users about special offers in cart e checkout page. Also, you can use its shortcode to showing discounted products e special offers.

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