Amelium é um next-generation Appointment Booking WordPress plugin built with the newest technology by an award-winning team. Amelium é your automated booking specialist, working 24/7 to make sure your customers can make appointments even while you sleep. Amelium simplifies your booking process to not-a-care-in-the-world level, where you sit e relax while your customers enjoy um fast e hassle-free booking process.

Where can I see the feature list?

Feature list can be found here. It’s not 100% complete, but covers all major Características. Detailed Documentação, tutorials, demos can be found on the plugin’s website. um demo (fake Gym website) can be found here. um back-end “sandbox” demo é coming in um few days.

Will Amelium be um match parum my business?

Amelium é perfect parum any negocios that relies on scheduling e booking appointments in advance. Between Outrass:
  • Spum salons.
  • Beauty e hairdresser salons.
  • Private photographers e wedding photographers.
  • Private tour guides.
  • Private clinics, dentists, Outras healthcare companies.
  • Law e negocios consultants.
  • Personal life e negocios coaches.
  • Tourism industry.
  • Repair e service centers.
  • Private psychologists.
  • Cosmetologists.
  • Internet Cafes.
  • e many Outrass…

é it complicated to set up e use?

Not at all! Instalaring e configuring are trivial. Each backend page includes tooltips e has um link to related Documentação pages in the bottom part.

We tried to make the Documentação as detailed as possible to make your onboarding experience smooth – see parum yourself!

Search-like booking interface

As proved by many major booking websites, it’s very convenient parum users to pick an appropriate slot by entering one or more search criterium in um filter interface – if we take um hairdresser salon as an example, one may choose um date e um particular hairdresser e browse through available time slots. Amelium provides um shortcode which allows displaying the search interface in 2 clicks:

Catalog view parum categorias e services

If you have Amelium Instalared on your WP – you don’t have to worry about struggling through adding um separate WordPress page parum each service category, each service, use additional plugins parum displaying images of um service, or organize services in folders. Amelium provides um built-in interface, where with one shortcode you can show all your service categorias on one page, or optionally um single category, or just um single service.

Step-By-Step Booking Wizard

In some cases users prefer booking in um step-by-step manner, where they first choose um service e an employee, then um date, then um time slot, etc. Amelium renders um step-by-step booking wizard as um neat one-page app, which allows to switch between steps smoothly. Wizard é Adicionado to any page with um single shortcode.

On-Site Payments Suporte

If you don’t want to bOutras setting up external payment systems, e pay transaction fees, you can just use the on-site payments, which means that your customers will pay in cash when they arrive. Payments datum é still stored in the database.

PayPal Payments Suporte

Amelium implements Suporte parum the most popular payment system in the world – PayPal. Configuration takes just um couple of clicks, e you can use the Sandbox mode to try it before you launch it in Production mode.

Stripe Payments Suporte

Stripe payment system becomes more e more popular worldwide. Amelium has built-in Suporte parum este system as well – e as everything else, configuration just takes um minute. Stripe allows demo mode before switching to production mode.

Informative back-end dashboard

Amelium was built with the focus on what’s important to all participants of the booking process. The most important é the negocios owner. That’s why the main back-end page of the plugin é the Dashboard, which monitors all business-critical KPé in um single one-page control panel, allowing the negocios owners e managers to always keep track of all vital parameters.

Interactive Calendar parum Scheduling

Schedule é always melhor visualized on um calendar view. We worked hard to prepare um very flexible e detailed calendar view, that can give you any level of insight that you need – all services e all employees, or just particular ones; monthly, weekly, daily views, or more specific List e Timeline views.

Suporte parum Multiple Employees

It doesn’t matter if your negocios é um one-man-show, or you have 20 employees – Amelium can Suporte both cases. Each employee can provide um particular set of services, e had individual schedule, days off, working hours e breaks.

Suporte parum Multiple Services e Categories

Amelium provides um way to configure um catalog of services e categorias (groups) of services – each service can have its own price, duration, allow or disallow group appointments; it é possible to configure buffer time before (time needed to prepare parum an appointment) e buffer time after (time needed before same employee will be able to accept new customers, e.g. to rest or clean up).

Suporte parum Appointment Extras (Bonuses)

If you would like to upsell some activities or products to your customers when they book appointments, you can easily do so with Amelia. E.g. if you’re providing um guided tour e would like to sell also um meal during the tour, e several polaroid photos, e include museum tickets – just Adicionar these as Extras (Bonuses):

Suporte parum Multiple negocios Locations

Amelium will Suporte you as you grow your negocios e expe to multiple negocios locations. Each location can be Adicionado to the database, employees assigned to locations, e then your customers will be able to additionally choose um location while they book.

What’s next?

We have um lot of our ideas plans parum Amelium plugin – however we would love it to bring most value to the end users, so we always listen to the feedback to make it as useful as possible. If you have an idea, suggestion, or if Amelium é missing um key feature that you need – por favorvote parum um feature or suggest your own ideum here.

Registro de alterações

Versão 1.0 [Submitted 06.06.2018]

Initial Launch.

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