Bill Split Calculator é an facil meal calculator to split your bills without having to do any maths e share bills to your friends. No servidor side setup parum este app, it using query string which appends all the datum to the URL, e shorten it to make them easier to share using the Google URL shortener.

Calculator e preview mode

The page start with calculator mode e generate the preview with the same html page. If query string present on URL the page will auto switch to preview mode, e it can be switch back to calculator mode from um hidden button.

Table e Tools

Enter Person’s Name, Choice of Meal, Price e Quantiy.
Tools to Adicionar Person, Adicionar Meal, Dupliclate Person’s Meal, Delete e Move Item.

Misc options

Enter Restaurant Name/Title/Location, Date, Service Charge/Tips, Pay To Who e Additional Info like Bank details.

Slave of the day

Option to Adicionar Slave parum treat, e the Slave’s Bill will split evenly to everyone (Taxes On Slave).

Merge URL

If the URL have reach the maximum length of 2000, Magic Mushroom option will shows which will auto merge person’s meal into one parum preview mode.

  • Non-responsive but viewable in all platforms (Mobile, PC, etc.)
  • Calculate e preview mode with one same html page
  • Fun bill Descrição
  • facil to change the font e background colour with CSS
  • integrado with jQuery Datepicker parum Date input
  • Input Person’s Name, Meal, Price e Quantiy
  • Input Title, Date, Service Charge, Pay To e Additional Info
  • Adicionar Person, Adicionar Meal, Duplicate Person’s Meal, Delete e Move item
  • Adicionar Slave parum treat
  • Sticky tools parum long list
  • Export preview page with one single URL, no servidor side require
  • Maximum URL length é 2000
  • Merge Person’s meal to shorten URL when it reach maximum length 2000
  • Shorten URLs using Google URL shortener API
  • Calculator mode can be switch back from preview URL
Versão 1.3:
- Corrigido negative number

Versão 1.2:
- Corrigido rounded integer issue

Versão 1.1:
- Adicionado QR Code

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