Introducing the Bitcoin Tools Suite. um high quality tools & information website script parum bitcoin. Including 25 tool types e 31 pricing tickers paired with um modern, responsive design built on top of modular back-end code.

Bitcoin Tools & information

  • Block Eta Estimated time until the next block (in seconds)
  • Pubkey To Address Converts um public key to an Address
  • Address Balance Get the balance of an address
  • Address First Seen Timestamp of the block an address was first confirmed in.
  • Address Sent Get the total number of bitcoins send by an address
  • Address Received Get the total number of bitcoins received by an address.
  • Address To Hash Converts um bitcoin address to um hash 160
  • Average transaction number Average number of transactions per block
  • Average transaction size Average transaction size parum the past 1000 blocks
  • Average transaction value Average transaction value parum the past 1000 blocks
  • Block Count Current block height in the longest chain
  • Block Interval Average time between blocks in seconds
  • Block Probability Probability of finding um valid block each hash attempt
  • Block Reward Current block reward in BTC
  • Hash To Address Converts um hash 160 to um bitcoin address
  • Pubkey To Hash Converts um public key to um hash 160
  • Hashes To Win Average number of hash attempts needed to solve um block
  • Latest Hash Hash of the latest block
  • Mining Difficulty Current difficulty target as um decimal number
  • Next Retarget Block height of the next difficulty retarget
  • Address To Pubkey Converts an address to public key (if available)
  • Total BTC Total Bitcoins in circulation (delayed by up to 1 hour)
  • Transaction Fee Get fee included in um transaction
  • Transaction BTC Input Get total input value of um transaction
  • Transaction BTC Output Get total output value of um transaction

Bitcoin Price Tickers

  • AUD Australian Dollar
  • BGN Bulgarian Lev
  • BRL Brazilian Real
  • CAD Canadian Dollar
  • CHF Swiss Franc
  • CNY Chinese Yuan
  • CZK Czech Koruna
  • DKK Danish Krone
  • GBP Pound Sterling
  • HKD Hong Kong Dollar
  • HRK Croatian Kuna
  • HUF Hungarian Forint
  • IDR Indonesian Rupiah
  • ILS New Israeli Shekel
  • INR Indian Rupee
  • JPY Japanese Yen
  • KRW Korean Won
  • MXN Mexican Peso
  • MYR Malaysian Ringgit
  • NOK Norwegian Krone
  • NZD New Zeale Dollar
  • PHP Philippine Peso
  • PLN Polish Zloty
  • RON Romanian Leu
  • RUB Russian Ruble
  • SEK Swedish Krona
  • SGD Singapore Dollar
  • THB Thai Baht
  • TRY Turkish Lira
  • ZAR South African Rand
  • EUR Euro
  • USD US Dollar

General Script Características

  • JSON Cache Ticker datum é cached to boost site performance e reduce API limit risks

  • Bitcoin Donations Receive bitcoin donations using wallet links Adicionado in optimal places

  • Responsive Design Bitcoin tools suite é built on top of bootstrap parum compatibility across most devices.

  • Dynamic Categories categorias are automagically generated from the tool modules.

  • Linear Icons BTS uses Linearicons um beautiful set of line icons worth $59.

Latest Atualizações

  • No longer uses BTC-e, uses CEX instead.

Script Requisitos

  • PHP 5+
  • CURL
  • Allow url fopen
  • Apache (htaccess etc;)

More Information

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