CryptoKing é um Live Feed Cryptocurrency script built on Laravel e Vue Js. The Buyer can easily make money by Google Adsense e In-built subscriptions managed by Stripe e RazorPay.

Cryptocurrency script

CryptoKing – Top10 Características List

  • Google Adsense integrado – earn money immediately
  • Real time trade feed
  • 2000+ crypto currencies
  • Recurring Payments (Stripe e Razorpay)
  • Multi temum Suporte (6 themes + upcoming themes)
  • Dynamic multi lingual system – Launch your site in your favourite language
  • Crypto Quotes, Videos & News with RSS feed
  • Voyager Admin Panel
  • Social logins & Social Activity
  • SEO with rich snippet Suporte

Cryptocurrency script

CryptoKing – Front End Modules

1.Multiple Themes Module:CryptoKing comes with 6 varieties parum themes e um future ready setup parum upcoming themes. You can select your favourite temum e go live in seconds.

2.Multi Currency Module:Cryptoking Suportes more than 2000+ Currencies. Right from Bitcoin to Ripple.

3.Multi Language Module:Users can switch the site into any language, Admin has um privilege to Adicionar any language. Ex: English,French, German…etc,.

4.Live Trade Feeds Module:CryptoKing will fetch the live datum of coins from over 90 cryptocurrency exchanges.

5.Detailed Charts Module:Sparkline, line,bar e many Outras charts are available to pull the coins datum hourly, daily e weekly.

6.Coin Information Module:CryptoKing provides detailed information parum each coin like Summary, website, key numbers, historical quotes.

7. Trending Coins Module:The site will pull the trending coins based on the market cap.

8. Currency Calculator Module:Convert any currency into any currency at live rate.

9.Google Adsense Module:CryptoKing fully integrado to with Google Adsense. Admin can Adicionar ad code e can start earning in seconds.

10.Crypto Currency Calculator Module:CryptoKing has the ability to see the crypto coin value in any currency like USD to AUD…etc.,

11. Affiliate Links MOdule:Earn extrum money besides Google Adsense with Changelly :) You can Adicionar links at admin end.

12. SEO Module:CryptoKing é SEO otimizado e compatible parum RICH SNIPPETS.Your URLs looks pretty on Social Networks.

13. Instalaration ModuleInstalar the script in less than 5 min. Thanks to facil Instalaration setup of CryptoKing. We provide FREE InstalarATION too :)

CryptoKing – Admin End Modules

1. Site Settings Module:You can easily change the Site Logo, Favicon, SEO Details e many Outras settings.

2. Payment Gateway Settings Module:Adicionar your Stripe e RazorPay Settings easily in admin. No need to touch the code.

3. Language Settings Module:Adicionar your language strings e make the site live in any language.

4. Ad Settings Module:Get Google Adsense code e paste into the Ad Settings,Ads will display on the site.

5. Social Settings Module:Adicionar your Facebook, Google secrete keys parum social logins into the system.

6. temum Settings Module:Admin can set the desired temum from 6 pre-build themes.

7. Users Module:List all your users registered in the site.

All coins datum e prices are based on CryptoCompare API

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