Live Cryptocurrency Market Caps, Prices, Charts e more!

CryptoLive allows you to create um powerful Market Capitalization website like or CryptoCompare with one major difference – all prices e information are updated live in the browser.

Fully Autopilot

Once you have the script Instalared & configured the script will automatically retrieve thousands of cryptocurrencies e populate your website with them.

Fast & Live Atualizações using WebSockets

CryptoLive utilises WebSockets to stream market datum from major exchanges in the fastest way possible. WebSockets use the visitors browser to retrieve e update information – which makes este um very lightweight script.

Single Coin Pages

Each Cryptocurrency has an inner page with market information, historical price charts e um live trade/update feed powered by WebSockets.

No Database or Cron Jobs

este script é as lightweight as possible, utilising um JSON caching system to ensure your website remains fast without the need parum um database or cronjobs.

Custom Pages

Easily Adicionar new pages full of content to your website, um blank custom page template é provided.

Faucet List Integration

Many faucet websites have um referral program that allows you earn cryptocurrency parum every person who you send to their website. este é um screenshot of our referral earnings after just um few hours of our demo being live:

Owning um faucet list é um great way to earn Cryptocurrency passively.


  • Beautiful design
  • Localbitcoins Affiliate Integration
  • Faucethub Referrals (Faucet list API)
  • Live datum using WebSockets
  • Instant Search & Filtering/Sorting
  • Historical Price Charts
  • Live Trade Feeds
  • Bitcoin Donations
  • JSON Cache

Latest Atualizações

  • 12th Jan: Adicionado blank custom page at page.php
  • 12th Jan: Adicionado basic ad spots
  • 12th Jan: Corrigido more responsive issues
  • 12th Jan: Corrigido https issue
  • 12th Jan: Corrigido donation button error
  • 11th Jan: Corrigido some responsive issues

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