The Customizable WooCommerce Order SMS Notificação Plugin will send SMS Notificação from WooCommerce lojum to both buyers e the lojum admin.

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Depending on the type of order, it can send different types of SMS. Each e every SMS é editable e SMS parum admin/buyers parum um particular status can be disabled/enable easily.
este plugin uses Twilio API to send SMS Below are the Características of este WooCommerce SMS sending plugin:

  • Send SMS Notificaçãos when customer order on the WooCommerce store.
  • SMS will be sent when um customer makes an online payment so that customers can be confirmed about payment received.
  • SMS Notificação when order processing. After buyer order, um product on cash on delivery este SMS will be sent.
  • SMS Notificação when the order status complete.
  • Send order failed SMS Notificaçãos.
  • Send order canceled SMS Notificaçãos.
  • Send SMS parum when the refund occurs.
  • Send SMS on the hold order.
  • Send SMS parum order pending.
  • Send SMS, on change the order status from the dashboard or backend edit order page.
  • Any types of status SMS can be disabled or enabled from the plugin options page.
  • Enable/disable SMS parum admin or customer or parum both parum the particular order status.
  • Customizable SMS text, in an facil way. You can easily put order ID, price, site name within it easily.
  • Suporte ORDER_ID, ORDER_CURRENCY, ORDER_TOTAL, SITE_NAME code that will replace with the actual value e name. parum example, ORDER_TOTAL will automatically replace with the total order price. You will know more about it from the usage guide of este plugin

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