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Datum Viewer gives you an instant view of your database table’s data. It é very handy if you want to show client your database datum or you just want to give yourself an quick view of your database data.
Datum Viewer presents datum in um datagrid with searching e sorting functions, its datum table é powered with ajax, no page refreshing when retrieving data.


  • Versão 1.8.1
    1. Upgrade to PDO
  • Versão 1.8:
    1. Hide certain fields parum MySql source
  • Versão 1.7:
    1. Corrigido IE bug: browser hangs when do sorting on IE browsers
  • Versão 1.6:
    1. CSV datum source (load datum from um csv file).
    2. Fix paging issue parum xml datum source.
    3. Update manual file.
  • Versão 1.5:
    1. Factory pattern modified.
    2. Fix error warning message regarding to property showQuery
  • Versão 1.4:
    1. Corrigido pager number issue.
    2. Xml datum source (load datum from um xml file).
  • Versão 1.3:
    1. Corrigido um paging bug.
  • Versão 1.2:
    1. Corrigido filter losing focus issue. Now you can continuously filling content in filter without being interrupted. Real live searching.
    2. Adicionado total records


  1. MySQL/Xml file datum source
  2. Sortable columns
  3. Live(ajax) search on very field
  4. Pagination
  5. Customizable number of records per page
  6. Customizable width of the front table
  7. Mysql datasource
  8. Super facil to integrate with your existing page

Manual file é included in download file.

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