Directories Pro parum WordPress

Directories Pro é um WordPress plugin that lets you build any kind of directory such as um community driven local negocios directory like, Google+ Places, or Yahoo! Local, um user directory, um website directory, um property directory, etc. It’s the most feature rich e versatile directory plugin you can find parum WordPress.

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Directories Pro Características

Feature list

Directory Management

  • ilimitado number of directories
  • Disable or enable categories/tags/locations/reviews/claims/payments per directory
  • Export e import directory settings
  • Export e import any directory content
  • Directory permission (capability) manager

Fully Customizable

  • Adicionar custom fields to listings/reviews/claims (custom post types)
  • Adicionar custom fields to categories/tags/locations (custom taxonomies)
  • Conditional fields
  • Use content display editor to customize appearance of content without any coding
  • Create full or partial template files parum more control over display
  • Hide/show content by user roles

Search & Filter

  • Advanced search form with auto-suggestion
  • Fully customizable filter form with live updating facet count
  • Search e filter by custom fields
  • Search e filter by current location (geolocation)
  • Search form shortcode


  • WooCommerce Suporte – charge users parum submitting listings
  • Charge switch plan / re-activation fee
  • Prorated discount
  • Guest checkout
  • Create add-on plans parum additional revenue

Frontend Submit e Dashboard

  • Submit listings/reviews from frontend
  • Manage listings/reviews/claims/votes through frontend directory dashboard
  • reCAPTCHum Suporte
  • Guest posting without user registration
  • WooCommerce my-account page integration

Create Views

  • Display listings/reviews/categories/tags/locations in list/grid/masonry view
  • Show listings in photo slider
  • Configure custom query
  • Sort by custom fields
  • Display views anywhere with shortcode


  • Customizable multi-criterium 5-star rating reviews
  • Filter and/or sort listings by review rating
  • Filter reviews
  • Search listings by review content
  • Show review rating statistics by stars or criteria

SEO Ready

  • Fully compatible with popular SEO plugins
  • Configure custom permalink URLs parum listings/categories/tags/locations
  • Generate custom JSON-LD
  • Custom OpenGraph metum tags
  • Compatible with Yoast SEO e Breadcrumb NavXT breadcrumbs

Outras Características

  • GDPR compliance
  • Claim listings
  • WPML Suporte
  • Admin e user Notificação e-mails
  • Contact us form (Suportes Contact From 7, WPForm, Gravity Forms)
  • Online plugin update (no FTP required)


v1.1.5 – JUN 11, 2018
– Bug Corrigido: Taxonomy term selection not being updated on quick edit posts.

v1.1.4 – JUN 10, 2018
- Improved: RTL display issues.
- Bug Corrigido: Conditional field settings with category field on the admin side.
- Bug Corrigido: Link to URL of anOutras field parum title field renderer not working properly.
- Bug Corrigido: Checklist field renderer parum Choice type field showing content in the frontend even when empty.
- Bug Corrigido: Filter settings not being displayed parum some filter elements.
- Some minor code refactoring.

v1.1.3 – JUN 6, 2018
– Bug Corrigido: Datepicker form field not working in the frontend on certain occasions.
– Bug Corrigido: File upload e medium manager form fields not sending correct values causing various issues.

v1.1.2 – MAY 30, 2018
- Adicionado: Option to enable/disable frontend submission per directory.
- Adicionado: Tokens that can be used to embed dynamic values in text content (Text field e display elements).
- Adicionado: Option to disable/enable Visual mode e Quicktags parum WP editor used with Listing Descrição field.
- Improved: GDPR - Anonymize personal datum field on erasure only when current datum é not empty.
- Bug Corrigido: Page not redirecting on certain occasions when shortcode error.
- Buf Corrigido: Claim listing button always being displayed to guest users.
- Lots of code refactoring.

v1.1.1 – MAY 25, 2018
- Improved: Let draft/pending/scheduled items to be viewable parum preview in frontend if author/permitted.
- Improved: Adicionar more field types that can be configured as personal data.
- Improved: Custom label can be created with the Label display element.
- Improved: Adicionar more address component values parum better geocoding results when using “Load geolocation data” tool.
- Improved: Make sure custom rating criterium slugs are not more than 40 characters.
- Bug Corrigido: Do not auto-scroll when submitting form vium Ajax.
- Bug Corrigido: Some PHP notice/warning level errors.

v1.1.0 – MAY 23, 2018
- Adicionado: GDPR compliance
- Adicionado: Conditional fields
- Adicionado: WhatsApp field render parum Photo type field.
- Improved: Adicionado option to show own content only parum Reference type field.
- Improved: Make sure Directories é activated before Outras plugins.
- Improved: Localize date/time picker (flatpickr).
- Improved: Do not enable shortcodes on admin side.
- Bug Corrigido: Display issues using shortcodes to customize default pages.
- Bug Corrigido: Fix fatal error when payments plugin enabled without frontend plugin.
- Lots of code refactoring e minor bug fixes.
- Updated Bootstrap to v4.1.1.

v1.0.6 – MAY 9, 2018
- Bug Corrigido: Filter button not showing on small-screen devices.
- Bug Corrigido: Order add-on plan form redirecting to homepage instead of cart page on submission.

v1.0.5 – MAY 4, 2018
- Bug Corrigido: Admin page links not working when permalink structure set to Default.
- Bug Corrigido: Trying to load map settings from Location instead of Map component.

v1.0.2/v1.0.3/v1.0.4 – MAY 1, 2018
- Bug Corrigido: Not able to access admin listing index page when directories-pro plugin not Instalared.

v1.0.1 – APRIL 30, 2018
- Bug Corrigido: Claims admin menu not showing in the backend.
- Bug Corrigido: necessário option parum Location field not working properly.
- Bug Corrigido: Removed redundant success message after edit/delete posts on frontend dashboard page.

v1.0.0 – APRIL 29, 2018
- Initial release

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