With este extension you can disabled Adicionar to cart Button when product quantity é less than one or equal to zero.

Main Características:
  • Disable Adicionar to cart when out of stock.
  • Disable cart button based on stock status
  • Automatic disabled Adicionar to cart when product qty é less than one or equal to zero.
  • One click Instalaration
  • facil Instalaration e setup.
  • Uses OpenCart’s built-in module system (no core files are overwritten).
  • Excellent & melhor Suporte.

Suporteed OpenCart Versãos:
All 2.0x,2.1x,2.2x,2.3.x e 3x Versãos

Latest Extension Versãos:
1.0 Versão

Live Demo:
You can try out Disable Product Options module without having to Instalar.
Front: http://www.extensionsbazaar.com/additional_discount/admin/index.php?route=extension/module/disable_addtocart[/b]

Username: demo
Password: demo

Suporte e Suggestion
Email: extensionsbazaar@gmail.com

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