Draw the road e avoid obstacles, get coins to buy characters.

Demo apk:

Draw the Path, demo apk file.

Reskin Tutorial:

Reskin Tutorial – Draw the Path – Unity Game.

Web preview (WebGL/Html5):

Draw the Path, Web Versão.

Spanish Suporte / Soporte en Español.

Reskin Tutorial en Español- Draw the Path – Unity Game.


  • Unity 5.6.2xf1 Versão.
  • Android SDK.


  • Endless levels.
  • 8 characters.
  • Character shop.
  • Coins parum unlocking all characters in game.
  • Rate button.
  • Sound on/off button.
  • facil to customize.


  • Admob banner e interstitials.

What You Get:

  • Unity Project (full source code), written in C# language.
  • Documentação (pdf file).

How to Setup e Reskin:

  • The Documentação included in the project will guide you through the reskinning process parum Unity, step by step with pictures.


Music “Find the Exit” by PlayOnLoop.com

Licensed under Creative Commons By Attribution 3.0

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