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Características of email customizer parum woocommerce customize email of email customizer parum woocommerce refund policy of email customizer parum woocommerce save your time of email customizer parum woocommerce save your time of email customizer parum woocommerce

Email Customizer parum WooCommerce with Drag Drop Builder gives you opportunity increase your design of WooCommerce Email from low-level design to high-level design.

Customize the design of all the WooCommerce Emails your customer receives from you
There’s um missed opportunity in sending stock standard messages in your transactional emails. Email Customizer parum WooCommerce with Drag Drop Builder allows you build your custom design using drag e drop of your email templates. There é not necessário any coding knowledge.

With the help of our plugin you can customize follow email cases

  • New order
  • Cancelled order
  • Failed order
  • Order On-hold
  • Processing order
  • Completed order
  • Refunded order
  • Customer invoice
  •  custmize New account email type parum Email customizer WooCommerce with Drag drop builder New Account
  •  custmize reset password  email type parum Email customizer WooCommerce with Drag drop builder Reset Password
  •  custmize customer note  email type parum Email customizer WooCommerce with Drag drop builder Customer Note

While customizing you can Adicionar dynamic information about product e order. Dynamic information can be Adicionado using shortcodes. It also Suportes multilanguage

Why do you need it?

Because most of the customers do not like boring emails. They always wait parum the melhor of you in all situations. That é why the beautiful email design é the important key in any e-commerce.

Live Demo

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Username: Demo
Password: Demo321



– You have not an ideum how to create your email?
– Do you think that you are not um designer, so how can I create um modern email parum my website?

Do not worry, Email Customizer parum WooCommerce provides you with 10+ predefined templates, 5+ predefined blocks. Moreover, after creating um template you can save it e reuse at any time


Forget about customizing template-based emails manually-change header, change footer, etc. We offer you getting the fresh emails in um few minutes


During customizing template-based emails each email will steal 30 minutes from your life e you cannot control everything . DO NOT WASTE VALUABLE TIME e TAKE CONTROL IN YOUR HANDS IN EVERYTHING


The most complete shortcodes collection with more than 50 elements. You can build e customize your emails with several available options. Different styles are considered in all shortcodes makes it facil edit e customize them in visual mode

ilimitado Custom Shortcode Without Coding Knowledgeilimitado Custom Shortcode parum Email customizer WooCommerce with Drag drop builder

You can create ilimitado custom shortcode with Email Customizer parum WooCommerce. In the left menu you will see ‘EC WOO Custom Shortcode’ page.In that page you need just do 3 steps:

  1. Shortcode name. Name should with under line ( _ ) without probel.Ex: my_short_code
  2. Content of shortcode
  3. Publish

After adding custom code you should use with prefix(ec_woo_ ).
For example, you Adicionar my_short_code, in este case you should use [ec_woo_my_short_code]
More information


  • No coding knowledge required
  • Without restriction. There é not any restriction parum customizing.
  • Customize everything in your WooCommerce transactional emails
  • Short codes will help you parum using dynamical information about your product, order or website
  • Visual Mode parum any changes
  • Send um test after creating your own design
  • 10+ predefined templates
  • 5+ predefined blocks
  • 5 different design parum products of order
  • Suporte custom fields ( ‘WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor’ , ‘Flexible Checkout Fields parum WooCommerce’ )
  • Multi-Language
  • ilimitado Custom Shortcode parum Email Customizer parum Woo drag drop builder ilimitado Custom Shortcode
  • Setting sku ,images, image size parum Email Customizer parum Woo drag drop builder Settings parum show sku, show images , image sizes

Compatible Plugins

  • Flexible Woocommerce Checkout Field Editor
  • WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor
  • Flexible Checkout Fields parum WooCommerce
  • WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers Pro


You will need the following sofwares to use este plugin.

  1. PHP Versão 5.6 or greater
  2. WordPress 4.1 or higher
  3. WooCommerce 2.5 or higher

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to Instalar
  • How to use Predefined Templates e Blocks
  • How to Save Template as Outras Email Type
  • How to Test Template
  • How to Load Template
  • Which Short Codes Suporteed e How Use Short Codes
  • How to Customize Template
  • General Questions

Refund Policy

Customer satisfaction é very important parum us. Also we are so confident in our product e our team. So we offer 100% money back guarantee. If you have any problem which we cannot solve it in 14 days we will fully refund it.

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Registro de alterações

Versão 1.5 | 03.10.2018
- Adicionado : Flexible Woocommerce Checkout Field Editor compatible
- Adicionado : WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers Pro compatible
- Corrigido : Minor bugs

Versão 1.4 | 26.09.2018
- Adicionado : Suporte 'Flexible Checkout Fields parum WooCommerce' plugin
- Corrigido : Send Test email bugs Corrigido
- Corrigido : Removed Outras plugins admin notices from builder interface
- Corrigido : CSS improvement in the builder interface
- Corrigido : Minor bugs

Versão 1.3 | 11.09.2018
- Adicionado : 'Customer Note' email type
- Adicionado : New selectors parum adding custom CSS
- Corrigido : Custom CSS bugs
- Corrigido : Minor bugs

Versão 1.2 | 11.09.2018
- Adicionado : Custom CSS option.

Versão 1.1 | 10.09.2018
- Adicionado : 'Reset Password' & 'New Account' email types
- Adicionado : New Short codes ( ec_woo_user_id, ec_woo_user_activation_link , ec_woo_user_password_reset_url , ec_woo_user_account_url , ec_woo_user_password )
- Adicionado : SKU settings
- Adicionado : ilimitado custom code. The users can create ilimitado custom code
- Corrigido : Minor bugs

Versão 1.0.3 | 25.08.2018
- Corrigido : Minor bugs

Versão 1.0.2 | 23.08.2018
- Corrigido : showing the 'por favorwait' message e nothing happen. Now Corrigido.

Versão 1.0.1 | 14.08.2018
- Corrigido methods which have conflicts with Outras plugins
- Adicionado .po file parum translate

Versão 1.0 | 27.07.2018
- Initial Release

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