“eMarketplace” é um complete solution parum Multi Vendor Digital Content Marketplace. este CMS Includes almost everything you need to make um Digital Product Marketplace. Paypal, Stripe are integrado parum facil payment transaction. It has many important section which are important parum any Marketplace e everything é fully dynamic. este script é fully responsive parum any device. Admin can manage complete website without single line of coding knowledge. It has strong SQL injection protection system which will keep away este system from hackers. Admin can make huge profit from este marketplace.

User Características

  • Bootstrap based fully responsive design parum any device.
  • Cross Browser Suporte.
  • User Registration System
  • User Login Panel
  • Browse Product by Category, Sub Category or Child Category.
  • Product Search Option.
  • Review Check System.
  • facil Review Adding System.
  • comprum by Paypal e Stripe.
  • View Previous Price.
  • Complete Descripton Checking System.
  • Return Policy Checking System.
  • Social Sharing System.
  • User Subscription.
  • Minimal but attractive frontend design.
  • Built in About Us, FAQ e Contact Us page.
  • e much more…

Vendor Características

  • 100% Dynamic Management System.
  • Vendor Registration System.
  • Dashboard statistics.
  • Simples but Powerful admin panel.
  • Vendor Details Update System.
  • Password Change System.
  • Password Recovery System.
  • ilimitado Product Adding System.
  • Multiple Image in Single Product System.
  • Product Edit, Activate/Deactivat or Remove System.
  • Old Price Showing System.
  • Withdraw Payment by Paypal.
  • Withdraw Payment by Skrill.
  • Withdraw Payment by Payoneer.
  • Withdraw Payment by Bank.
  • e much more…

Admin Características

  • facil Instalaration.
  • 100% Dynamic Management System.
  • Clean code to underste e modify
  • Multi Language Suporte.
  • Dashboard statistics.
  • Vendor Approval System.
  • Vendor Decline System.
  • Vendor Delete System.
  • Vendor Email Sending System.
  • ilimitado Category Adding System.
  • ilimitado Subcategory Adding System.
  • ilimitado Child Category Adding System.
  • ilimitado Product Adding System.
  • Built-in Paypal e Stirpe Integration.
  • Dynamic Customer Review System.
  • facil Transaction Details System.
  • Product Adding System.
  • facil Slider Adding System.
  • facil Slider Content Positioning System. System.
  • Dynamic Service Management System.
  • Product Availability System.
  • Old Price Showing System.
  • Withdrawl Management System.
  • Dynamic Withdraw Fee e Percentage System.
  • Dynamic Profit Calculation System.
  • Dynamic Blog Post System.
  • Subscribed User Export System.
  • Custom metum tag adding system parum better SEO results.
  • Google Analytics Adding System.
  • Top Referral Websites Checking System.
  • Most Used OS Checking System.
  • Change Everything such as logo, Site Title, Favico, Footer Address from admin panel.
  • Built in About Us, FAQ e Contact Us page.
  • e much more…


Frontend Demo: http://demo.geniusocean.com/marketplace/
Admin Demo: http://demo.geniusocean.com/marketplace/admin

Admin Login:
User: admin@gmail.com

Vendor Demo: http://demo.geniusocean.com/marketplace/vendor
Vendor Login:
User: vendor@gmail.com

User Demo: http://demo.geniusocean.com/marketplace/user/login
Vendor Login:
User: user@gmail.com


We are always happy to hear from you. por favorfeel free to contact us parum any kind of customization, Suporte, query e suggestion. We will respond as soon as possible.

Thank you,


Email: admin@geniusocean.com

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