The definitive template parum PHPMaker 2017, now disponível parum v12!

New low price! Get it now parum only $60 as we prepare our new product!

um full replacement parum the default PHPMaker 12 template, based on the AdminLTE Bootstrap Template. Fully responsive e ready to upgrade any PHPMaker 12 project! Say goodbye to the dull default template e start enjoying your new look e feel with este template.

este é the template that changed PHPMaker forever! PHPMaker 2018 modeled their latest release after us. We’re so proud!

12 Gorgeous Color temum Combinations!

Grab it now e you’ll get the new updated Timeline, locale-friendly Calendar, e our endless list of goodies!

Beware of imitators! We were the first, e original template creators – e the only one that gives you um complete web interface parum Carousels, Registro de alteraçõess, Event Calendars, Analytics, e um ton of ready-to-go widgets. Use our facil one-liner PHP functions to Adicionar these (e more) to your PHPMaker Projects. Our Registro de alterações é always full of the latest innovations, e our Suporte é second to none!

Extension included to select all of the options, now including the Top Menu (horizontal menu) e Corrigido navigation as well as all previous enhancements. We use the 2017 Versão in our own CMS, so you will always get Atualizações quickly.

What um beautiful dashboard you have there...

Free Lifetime Atualizações! Includes all future Atualizações! Pay once, use forever!

Here are some of the enriched Características you’ll find:

Events Calendar: Include the FullCalendar in your events page to see how your events look to the world
New PHP Functions: One-line PHP functions to Adicionar to your servidor events, including the calendar, drag-and-drop ordering e Audit Trail pruning
Responsive Design: No need to enable responsive reflows, este whole template é responsive from the ground up. Use your PHPMaker CMS on any device.
Avatars: Use the included User Extension to enable avatars parum each user
Notificaçãos / Messages / Tasks: See all Notificaçãos, messages, e tasks at um glance in your header. Works in both Top e Default menu configurations.
Clean Pages: Login, Register, e Forgot Password pages have no header, footer, or menu. Keep those pages clear of distractions e information.
Audit Trail pruning: Use our built-in function to remove all those empty audit trail entries.
Code Repository: We’ve Adicionado the PHP functions to the Code Repository, showing you the syntax to use, e which servidor Events to use them in.
Outras improvements: We’ve done lots of work to integrate the AdminLTE experience into PHPMaker 2017, e cleaned up lots of Outras annoyances from the default template. The more you look the more you’ll find!

We hope you’ll enjoy the template, e feel free to contact us at any time with your wish list, or just to tell us how you’re using it.


Check out the live Registro de alterações timeline here!
Registro de alterações with our new Timeline function

Registro de alterações text Versão parum the release Versão (here on CodeCanyon):

July 13 2017

  • New Versão 1.2 includes latest e.World template changes, now includes HTML files parum contact forms!

July 4 2017

  • New Versão 1.11 includes fixes to AdminLTE CSS radio e checkboxes, e introduces Tags!

June 28 2017

  • Updated Notificação menus

June 26 2017

  • Updated Documentação, new Project file, updated Messages menu, included map function, language integration parum FullCalendar.
  • Updated Documentação parum epi_private_calendar() e included new function.
  • Include latest template with updated SQL parum permissive calendar.

June 24 2017

  • Updated Project File, updated SQL demo, Adicionado functions

June 8 2017

  • Update User Privileges, Adicionado function epi_simplebar() parum facil barcharts, updated Documentação

epi_simplebar() function in action

May 30

  • Corrigido button sizes on modal window button group
  • Adicionado the much-requested User Privileges Filter/Sort
  • Updated functions to include dynamic META e TITLE tags, integrado include functions into template
  • Adicionado docs parum new functions, Analytics How-To e multiple languages!

Filter e Sort your User Privileges table! Finally!

May 23

  • Adicionado Suporte parum ChartJS v2.5, updated Documentação

EPI AdminLTE with ChartJS v2.5

May 22

  • Adicionado Charts with ChartsJS, Suporte parum PHPReportMaker, e updated Documentação

May 18

  • Corrected screenshot in docs

May 17

  • Adicionado docs parum Menu Editor, remove default icon if one é already coded

May 16

  • Updated Documentação e clarified License terms

May 15

  • Updated z-index stacking order parum Calendars on modal popups

May 13

  • Latest Versão fixes Custom Pages
  • Update fixes Table Caption issue on pages without um Table Caption

May 11

  • Adicionado Language choice, updated docs e functions
  • Initial Release! Many thanks to early adopters.

facil e tidy language choices

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