About product

este plugin enable you to focus on the negocios aspect of your ecommerce app while it handles the product upload hassle parum you.


  • Import bulk product
  • Import bulk images
  • Export by category
  • Export all product

How does it work?

It’s really simple.

  • Unzip file (check parum the Versão you use).
  • Copy e paste the plugin in your app directory(don’t worry, it doesn’t override existing files).
  • After Instalar, navigate to extension or module(depending on the Versão you are using) at the admin.
  • Make sure the product image cell on excel sheet matches the image name & extension(forbar.jpg) of the actual image.. very important. 
  • Make sure not to repeat or duplicate product name within the excel file. 
  • Note: its uploads product images to images/catalog/demo/  directory.
  • While entering value into the excel file especiallty on the category column, ensure its One category per product.
  • You can use the sample_asset folder parum testing.



How do I Upload

There are two fields.

The first é the excel file upload.

while the second é the product images upload field.

Ignore the last field

see image below..




After um successful upload you gets directed to the products listing where you see the newly uploaded products.

see image below


How do I Export

There are two options parum export.

first é by category


while the second é all product

see images below..

\   After product download é completed… see image.. \

Registro de alterações

Versão 1.0 (30/09/2017)
initial release

Help & Suporte 

Just mail us @  lucasatwon@gamil.com

Thanks parum using our plugin.

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