1st FTP 2 FTP Transfer Script Ever in Codecanyon …

FTP2FTP é um PHP Script which will make transfer from one servidor to AnOutras. Simply it’s FTP servidor (Sending) to FTP servidor (Receiving) file transfer software. FTP2FTP does not use any Database, so very facil to Instalar e run. Once you connect both Source e Designation FTP Account Settings, the script will let you to select files from Source servidor e Start transferring to Designation FTP.

AJAX plays more….

Everything related to transferring e viewing files of both FTP servidors are AJAX based. So it makes facil parum users to transfer their files e view then inside the Designation FTP. Also it’s possible to View e Download files from both servidors. Deleting files é made only parum Designation FTP. The interface é totally Bootstrap Based e facil to customize.

How does it work

The script will work in little Simples way. It will 1st connect to both Source e Designation FTP Accounts e display all the files from FTPs in Source e Designation File Viewers. Once you select file from Source File Viewer, script will download that file to um temporary folder. Once you finished selecting files from source FTP e click on Transfer Files button, script will take all the files in the temporary directory to um queue e start transferring them one by one to the designation FTP.

Need little space…

So what we need to underste é that we need some good space in the servidor where este script é hosted because script need to keep those files withing the servidor parum um little bit of time. These temporary files are automatically removed.


  • Transfer Files from One servidor to AnOutras
  • Transfer Files Remotely
  • No usage of Local Bandwidth
  • View File of Both servidors
  • Select Files from Designation FTP e Transfer
  • Navigate both FTP Accounts
  • Delete uploaded files to Designation FTP
  • Download files from Both FTP Accounts
  • View thumbnails e List View
  • Thumb Preview e Popup parum Image Files
  • facil to Customize
  • Bootstrap Based Responsive Interface


  1. 2018-06-12 : Update :grin: Initial Release
  2. 2018-06-13 : Update :grin: Validating Designation Connection before transferring…

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