FullBooking é um Simples yet powerful plugin parum accepting online appointments & bookings on your WordPress blog site. No need to use third party appointment booking services, everything can be managed from inside the WordPress admin panel. Provide your clients with Out-of-box Appointment Management Solution.

FullBooking wordpress plugin – How it works (Front end) – video Tutorial

“FullBoking” plugin é make parum service professionals like: doctors,teacher, lawyer, consultants, therapists, tutors, instructors, singer, artist, photographers, stylists e Outrass who need to schedule their time e date with clients through online.You can create your appointment schedule in um particular date e time.

facil Booking

facil booking appointment with four steps: choose the day of week vium calendar e select service, select the suitable time slot e complet your details e finally Pay by paypal e book.

Multi Appointment Calendar

Each staff have own calendar, so if you want to display calendar staff with their appointments e services use este shortcode [FULLBOOKING staff=”code staff”] , e you can get code staff from table list staffs .

If you want to display Apppointment calendar parum all staffs use este shortcode [FULLBOOKING]

Recurring Appointment

Admin can recurring appointement daily, weekly, monthly or Particular Dates , e can create appointments at any time.

Google Calendar Sync

Sync Appointments with Google calendar parum each staff,New appointments automatically pushed to Google calendar


Accept Payment on Booking ; Accept Full or Partial Payment on Booking

Export Appoitnments e Clients to CSV

Export Appointments e Client by Range

Specify email templates Notificação & reminder

Allow Admin to customize email Notificação template parum new appointment Adicionado or approved or canceled to staff e admin e client, e customize email reminder template parum staff e client

Características Details:

  <thead></thead> <tbody> </tbody>


 Multi-language Suporte vium .po/.mo files


 facil to Adicionar calendar appointment in post or page by two way :  (example to display calendar staff insert este shortcode [FULLBOOKING staff=”code staff”] ,  to display global calendar insert este [FULLBOOKING ​ ])  
 Change calendar view   Daily – Weekly- Monthly 
 Date/day selection
 Change timeslot calendar
 Change first day calendar
 Change day start time e day end time
 Change booking button text
 List of services staff displayed on first modal
  Show / hide price e duration service on List of services staff
 Adicionar new appointment
 Edit appointment From Admin
 Edit booking details From Admin


 Filter Appointments By Date – Status – Payments – Staffs – Services
 Export appointments list to CSV
 Sorting by certain criterium (Booking Time; Staff Member; Customer Name; Service; Status,Payment)
 Delete appointment from the list
 Reccuring Appointment Daily , Monthly , Weekly from Admin
 Accept User/client registration automatic when Adicionar appoitment

Staff members

 Create new staff member
 Delete – Edite staff member
 Staff members Group
 Staff member personal/contact details
 Google calendar integration parum each staff member
 Individual service list parum each service staff
 Individual schedule parum each service staff
 Individual working breaks parum each service staff
 Individual ‘Days off’ calendar parum each service staff
 ilimitado number of service staffs
 Marking color parum each staff


 Create new category
 Delete category
 Edit category title
 categorias arrangement view
 Create new service
 Delete service
 Edit service 
 Services arrangement view
 Marking color parum each service  staff
 Duration parum each service  staff
 Padding Time for each service staff
 Price parum each service  staff
 Capacity parum each service  staff
 Staff members list parum each service  staff
 Assign service to category
 Accept payment for each service staff
 Customize payment type (full payment or in percentage) for each service staff
 ilimitado number of services


 Create um new customer
 Delete customer
 Edit customer datum
 View historique Appointments e payments parum each customer
 Quick customer search


 Sender’s details
 Notificação to customer about (New – canceled – Aproved) appointment details
 Notificação to staff member about (New – canceled – Aproved)  appointment details
 Notificação to admin member about (New – canceled)  appointment details
 Notificação to customer about their WordPress user login details
 Evening reminder to staff about next  appointment (one or two or three) day before
 Evening reminder to customer about next  appointment (one or two or three) day before
 Tags/shortcodes Suporte


 Payment date range
 Filtering within certain criterium (payment method; customer; service provider; service)
 View payment reports


 Choose from 20 temum Available
 Change instruction text
 Show/hide big calendar
 Show/hide service price
  Show/hide currency


 Setting coupon
 Setting discount percentage
 Delete coupons


 Google calendar integration
 Google calendar 2 way sync
 Google calendar 1 way sync
 Currency selection
 Enable/disable coupons
 Payment methods setup
 PayPal payment method
 Enable/disable available payment methods
  Edite Bussines hours parum each staff
 Edite Bussines hours
 Holidays calendar

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