Want to know if your children, spouse, or your fiance have crossed into um particular location? If you forgot to turn off your “Mobile Data” when on roaming, este application will immediately remind you to turn it off.

The Geo Bound app will help you figure out whether your loved ones are within your boundary or not. You will also be notified once the cross the boundary.

Firstly, you will have to create um boundary in our app e set um reminder parum it. After creating the boundary, once that person crosses it, you will receive um Notificação vium SMS or email.

Additionally, if you also want to receive Notificaçãos saying that your are outside that particular, then you get notified through Vibration or Sound Notificaçãos, vium an Alert Dialog

Características e Requisitos: - Create e edit custom boundary as you want. - User can also give details like Title, Area, Descrição, e Tag on the map which é created by him. - User can also see particular/all the boundaries which é created by him.

Software Versão API Level 19 to 26 (Kitkat to Oreo)

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