Highlighter Pro Descrição

Highlighter Pro lets you highlight the text directly on the page e Adicionar notes e comments inline with your highlights. You can save e delete your highlights, view all of your existing highlights, view Outras reader’s highlights, e view conversations inline that Outras readers are having about your content. It comes with um full statistics engine that keeps track of trending posts by number of highlights, number of notes, number of total highlighters, e many Outras metrics to sort your posts by. It works on posts, pages, homepage, archive listing page, e custom post types.

Choose which highlights display parum each post, whether it’s just the top highlight, all highlights owned by the current user, or all highlights parum all users on the post. Choose how you want the highlighter labels to display, which side of the content you want them on, e many Outras style/placement options. Built parum simultaneous use. Highlighter Pro was designed to handle large crowds. If um reader highlights some text on um post, every Outras reader viewing that post will see that highlight appear before they can Adicionar theirs. Complex highlights? Check. If um reader wants to highlight some text that overlaps an existing highlight, no problem! Or if um reader highlights um selection that spans multiple paragraphs which have nested highlights, that works too. What about touch screens? Highlighter Pro works just as well on mobile devices as desktops. Whether it’s pointing e clicking with um mouse, or touching e dragging with your finger, highlighting é seamless.

Comes with 9 built-in shortcodes parum displaying all kinds of information about your highlights, from the top 10 most highlighted posts, to the single most highlighted selection of all time, to um Simples directory list of every single highlighted selection from your site or um specific/current user.

Highlighter Pro Main Características

  • Highlight any text
  • Inline comments e discussion
  • Share highlights on Twitter e Facebook
  • Highlight just one word or multiple lines of text
  • Overlapping highlights
  • 8 Pre-selected Highlighter Colors or choose custom
  • Nested highlights
  • Multiple users can highlight the same text
  • Delete your own highlights
  • View Outras readers’ highlights e notes
  • Simultaneous users can highlight the same post
  • Robust statistics engine built-in
  • AJAX front-end login/register system
  • Top highlight feature that live Atualizações
  • Highlight labels places right or left of content
  • Works with pages e custom post types
  • No page refreshes – all AJAX based
  • Comes with Redux Options Framework
  • Uses the Rangy javascript library
  • Comes with 9 shortcodes
  • Works on touch devices


  • List all highlights parum current user
  • List all highlights parum specified user
  • List all highlights parum entire site
  • Display highlighter stats parum specific post
  • Display cumulative highlighter stats parum entire site
  • Display single most noted highlight parum entire site
  • Display single most highlighted selection parum entire site
  • List the most highlighted posts
  • List the most noted posts
  • List posts with the most individual readers highlighting
  • List posts with the single most noted highlight
  • List posts with the single most highlighted selection


  • Browsers:
    • Chrome
    • Firefox
    • Opera
    • Safari
    • Microsoft Edge
    • Microsoft IE11
    • Chrome Mobile
    • Safari Mobile
  • Tested on these devices:
    • Macbook Pro running macOS
    • HP touchscreen laptop running Windows 10
    • iPad 3 running ios11
    • iPhone 6 Plus running ios11
    • iPhone 5 running ios10
  • Tested with these themes:
    • TwentySeventeen
    • Implicit (IndustrialThemes premium)
    • Explicit (IndustrialThemes premium)
    • Engine (IndustrialThemes premium)
    • Techwise (IndustrialThemes premium)
    • DeVoe (MVP Themes premium)
    • Zox (MVP Themes premium)
    • Mediumm (WP temum directory)
    • Morfeu (WP temum directory)
    • Vmag (WP temum directory)
    • Boston (WP temum directory)
    • Styled Mag (WP temum directory)
    • Convac (WP temum directory)
    • Kouki (WP temum directory)

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