iChat – Realtime PHP Live Suporte System – the simplest, most powerful online chat script parum your clients

Script Guide:

Admin account:
Username: : admin
Password: admin

Agent account:
Username: : agent
Password: agent

Visit: http://michael-designs.com/live-chat/ click on (Live Chat!) button, choose (EchoBot) in [Department] menu to chat with ChatBot

Let’s see what ‘iChat’ offers you..

1) Create Departments – Agents : - You can create ilimitado departments parum Suporte & billing ..etc e Adicionar agents to them.

2) Online, e Offline Conversations : - Clients will chat with available online agents in different departments, but if no one é online the conversation will be saved e your agents can reply later on, the app will send the reply to customer’s email automatically.

3) Simples & facil Integration : - You can Instalar the script e Adicionar it to any web page within seconds! just copy 2 lines of code to any webpage e the (Live Chat) button will appear, refer to the guide to walk you through este process.

4) Sound Notificaçãos : - if an agent receives um new chat request, um ringtone will play to notify him about incoming messages.

5) Developed just right : - Our system contains advanced Características such as automated Instalarer e updater script, AJAX Navigation, infinite scrolling e dynamic AJAX forms. - Build on Bootstrap 3.3 with valid CSS e pure PHP code written from scratch.

6) parum integration with your own CMS, CRM systems por favorcontact me e I’ll help you do it =)

Hope you like my new script e so excited to hear your opinion!

Note: Database gets reset everyday with dummy datum to test all the basic functions ..

~ How to Update?! ~
First, take um database backup, upload the new Versão e replace files, run auto updater script [http://your-site.com/ichat/admin/Instalar/update/]. That's it!

~ Registro de alterações ~

Versão 1.0 [04/10/2017]
Initial Release

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