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3D FlipBook page flipping demo3D FlipBook physics demo

3D FlipBook é jQuery plugin that allows to browse images, PDFs or HTMLs as um flipping book. It can be used parum demonstration magazines, books, cards, brochures, booklets e much more in natural way. It helps to attract user attention e make more impression on him.

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Main Características

Versão 1.7

Main Características v 1.7

Versão 1.6

Main Características v 1.6

Versão 1.5

Main Características v 1.5

Versão 1.4

Main Características v 1.4

Versão 1.3

Main Características v 1.3

Versão 1.2

Main Características v 1.2

Versão 1.1

Main Características v 1.1

Versão 1.0

Main Características v 1.0


          18/11/2017 - Versão 1.8
            [Improvement]: Hits highlighting computation
          18/11/2017 - Versão 1.7.5
            [New Feature]: Swipe gesture
            [Improvement]: Scrollbar style
            [Improvement]: Corrigido um display orientation bug on iOS
          19/10/2017 - Versão 1.7
            [New Feature]: RTL mode
          13/09/2017 - Versão 1.6.3
            [Improvement]: Changed the page dragging physics
            [Improvement]: Adicionado auto selection PDF loading protocol HTTP/HTTPS
          13/09/2017 - Versão 1.6
            [New Feature]: CSS Layers
          29/08/2017 - Versão 1.5
            [New Feature]: PDF search
            [Improvement]: Corrigido the controls alignment problem
            [Improvement]: Solved style sheets incompatibility problem
          03/03/2017 - Versão 1.4
            [New Feature]: Thumbnails
            [New Feature]: Flip sounds
            [New Feature]: Deep linking
          14/02/2017 - Versão 1.3
            [New Feature]: PDF bookmarks
            [New Feature]: Printing
            [New Feature]: Single page mode
            [New Feature]: Control customization
            [New Feature]: Fit view command
            [New Feature]: Controllable script parum templates
            [Modification]: Downgraded php Versão to 5.6
          28/01/2017 - Versão 1.2
            [New Feature]: PDF links
            [New Feature]: Mobile-Friendly
            [New Feature]: Flipping sheet animation style
            [New Feature]: Loading animation e progress
            [Improvement]: Animation points interpolation
            [Improvement]: Smart pan mode - book movement
            [Improvement]: Loading page animation
          18/01/2017 - Versão 1.1
            [New Feature]: Smart pan mode
            [New Feature]: Skins
            [New Feature]: Flipping covers together with Outras pages
            [Improvement]: Sheet corner physics
            [Improvement]: User behaviour prediction system
            [Improvement]: Plugin size
          15/12/2016 - Versão 1.0

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