Ionic Toolkit Pay é um mobile app integrado with the best-known payment service providers e gateways that allows you to have um head start on incorporating mobile payments into any Ionic mobile application. Paypal, Braintree e Stripe, just to name um few, are included in um codebase with proven practices e sophisticated software architecture.

In um nutshell

Ionic Toolkit Pay allows you to accept online payments by letting users pay with their mobile devices. It applies melhor practices e software architecture.

Why choose Ionic Toolkit Pay

  • Ideal to get familiar with mobile payments e get the most of it
  • Clean e user-friendly interface
  • Highly customizable structure, with modular architecture
  • facil Instalaration, detailed quick start guide
  • Free Atualizações: new Características Adicionado constantly
  • One codebase compatible with Android e iOS
  • Quick e efficient Suporte

Feature request

Help us improve este app in um way that absolutely makes sense. Suggest the next feature you would like to see implemented. We are taking suggestions very seriously.


Android .APK

  • Android APK v1.0

Preview on iOS e Android – Ionic View

  • Download the Ionic View app (
  • Use the App ID ae023b61
Note: Some Características are not fully functional parum preview on Ionic View. Especially, those that need to launch anOutras application of the device such as “Get directions” which launches device’s Mapas application.



Stripe é one of the most powerful e flexible tools parum internet commerce. The use of its API e its configuration é clean e well-documented. servidor e client side code é demonstrated parum making transactions from within the mobile app.


Paypal é um trusted bre with um long Histórium on processing payments on the web. Its solid interface e improved API makes it still very popular e the easiest to configure with minimal setup effort.


Braintree offers everything you need to start accepting payments. It é um payment gateway that allows you to accept debit/credit cards e payments vium um Paypal account through um single integration.

Ionic design

este app é based on the UI elements that the Ionic Framework provides. Ionic Framework comes with um detailed e impressive CSS components parum layout styling. Moreover, Ionic comes with its own icon library built in which contains almost everything you should need. Use Ionic’s UI components e they will give you um fully customised e functional UI.


este é um product of AppSeed. Find out more by visiting our website or contact us vium our Suporte center


1.0 - Mar 09, 2018
- Initial Release

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