iOptics é um Eye Care negocios Billing system developed with PHP Laravel. Complete Billing system parum Optical Business. iOptics has um lots of Características like Billing system, Expense Report, Product selling Report, Product Management, Sales Management, Customer Management, Supplier Management & More. facil to Instalar, Cross Browser Optimize, Responsive & Fully Secure Billing System parum Eye Care Business.

Características Overview:

⤑ Secure & Unique Dashboard.
⤑ Customers Creation.
⤑ Customers Management.
⤑ Product Management.
⤑ Manage Product Category.
⤑ Manage Product.
⤑ Expense Management.
⤑ Suppliers Management.
⤑ Supply Management.
⤑ Supply System.
⤑ Supply Reports.
⤑ Invoice Management.
⤑ Invoice/Sell System.
⤑ Invoice/Sell Reports.
⤑ General Setting.
⤑ Logo & favicon.
⤑ Email Notificação Setting.
⤑ SMS Notificação Setting.
⤑ Contact Setting.
⤑ e More…..

Demo Access:

Admin Access:
Admin Login: Username: admin || Password: admin

Suporte Facility:

por favorsend us your product presale query, after sales developer Suporte request, customization project e any Outras queries to our dedicated Suporte:

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