JetEngine Overview

JetEngine é um must-have plugin parum Elementor allowing to create custom post types, custom taxonomy, Adicionar Elementor-built templates parum the custom post type or taxonomy terms. It provides the set of dynamic listing widgets parum displaying dynamic content e allows to build grid e listing layouts parum the custom posts e terms using the most complex query methods.


Enjoy creating custom post types e custom metum fields without using CSS e PHP! You’ll be able to introduce new custom posts, taxonomies, e create templates with Elementor using dynamic content widgets without the need to look into the database, or explore coding.

With JetEngine you’ll be able to accomplish even the most complicated tasks e work on the most difficult projects, keeping everything as Simples as it can be!


Perfect parum Adding Custom Post Types

Create custom post types to Adicionar any custom posts you need, form Services e Team Members to Portfolio e Products. You’ll be astonished with how facil you can change the custom post type settings, Adicionar metum fields, set hierarchical structure.

melhor Match parum Creating Custom Taxonomies

Adicionar custom taxonomies to any post type or page you need, to allow the more complex query methods. It é um wonder how one can create um custom taxonomy with hierarchy parum different post types e use custom fields parum adding even more information about the taxonomy terms, including thumbnails, repeaters e timestamps.

Allows Creating Custom Post Templates

With JetEngine you can use the set of special widgets parum displaying dynamic content with Elementor. You’ll be able to build the fully-fledged Single post page with dynamic fields parum displaying post title, content, thumbnail image, e any Outras type of content Adicionado in the metum boxes.

Makes Working with Terms Templates Easy

Use the dynamic content widgets to create the single listings parum the terms. With the set of widgets parum displaying dynamic fields, repeaters e images you’ll be able to make style up your terms according to your needs.

Versatile Metum Field Types

Create metum fields parum different types of content! You can Adicionar imagery, galleries, sliders, um colorpicker e several Select options to any custom post type or taxonomy in um matter of clicks.

Dynamic Field

Dynamic Field widget é made parum displaying the content from both metum fields e the post or term data, parum posts e taxonomies listing templates. The widget pulls the datum e displays it using the set style e content settings.

Dynamic Image

Dynamic Image widget provides opportunity to pull the thumbnail image or any Outras image Adicionado as the medium in the metum field to showcase it on the pages built with Elementor. este é the dynamic widget that can be easily used parum creating templates parum custom post types e taxonomies.

Dynamic Link widget helps in adding the links to the listings, that display the content from the predefined source.

Dynamic Meta

Dynamic Metum widget allows displaying the default metum information (usually needed parum the posts), such as the publishing date, author e information about comments.

Dynamic Repeater

Dynamic Repeater widget é made parum displaying repeating blocks set parum the custom post types or taxonomies (este can be done in metum boxes or when you create um metum field e select the Repeater content type).With the repeater you’ll be able to Adicionar tables, image galleries e any Outras repeating content like um pro!

Dynamic Terms

Dynamic Terms widget provides opportunity to Adicionar the taxonomies to the custom post types. Use este widget to display the terms that are applied to the needed custom post listing.

Showcase the related posts from the specific category or using tags on the single post page template! With the additional macros codes you can create the related posts block really easy!

Listing e Grid Layouts

Showcase the custom posts e terms in listing e grid layouts using the complex query methods e different layout structure that é facil to set.

Plugin Atualizações

Versão 1.1.0 (August 28, 2018)

  • Adicionado Allow to filter values in repeater items;
  • Adicionado Gallery metum field;
  • Adicionado current_id , current_tags e current_categorias macros;
  • Adicionado WYSIWYG metum field;
  • Adicionado Slider e grid output parum gallery metum fields;
  • Adicionado new options parum Dynamic Repeater widget;
  • Adicionado new options parum Dynamic Link widget;
  • Adicionado Embed URL callback;
  • Adicionado functionality parum using dynamic terms images on taxonomy archives;
  • Adicionado functionality parum setting output multiple values parum Select field;
  • Prevented errors on archive pages;
  • Adicionado fixes parum Metum boxes registration;
  • Adicionado fixes parum Metum fields parsing of dynamic widgets options.

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