KayBuilder é um secure PHP website/CRUD builder built with laravel. It é the new way to create full featured websites with less code. You don’t even do any backend coding, all you do é tweak the front end template to suite your needs. KayBuilder enables template Instalaration which allows us (Brynamics) e agencies or developers to create custom templates parum clients with no coding experience. Template Instalaration é as facil as uploading um picture to your website gallery. este application é um great way to build your websites, giving you um great Características e great design control. We offer great Suporte e it’s very facil to Instalar.

Test before you buy.

Frontend demo
Backend demo

Email: test@KayBuilder.com e password: test123

Our guarantee

  • Patch e fix any bugs or broken content
  • Answer any questions you may have
  • Help get you setup e Instalared!
  • Provide excellent Suporte with um fast response rate

KayBuilder Características

Very robust e secured !

  • Secure Database with input escaping so no SQL Injection!
  • Protects against CSRF attacks!
  • Standard passwords encryption.
  • Clean title URLs.
  • Smooth e proper routing.

Extrum packs.

  • Kaybuilder é great parum creating:
    1. Photography websites
    2. Video websites
    3. Music websites
    4. Blog websites
    5. Personal e corporate websites
  • Plus you can build um website that has all listed Características as sections.

For developers.

  1. Templates
  2. Well documented code
  3. facil template customization (Just HTML/CSS needed)
  4. You can customize um template e send to your client parum Instalaration since KayBuilder Suportes template Instalar e unInstalaration.
  5. Proper external docs.

Great front end design

  • Great design e 100% responsive front ends
  • Drag e drop menu ordering
  • Suportes multiple template insallation
  • Write less HTML codes but get um great front end.
  • Adicionar KayBuilder widgets to website modules.
  • Galley section.
  • Blog section.
  • Video e music/sound section.

Marketing included

  • Newsletter e subscriptions
  • Contacts
  • Mailing system

Blog module.

Keep um conversation on your website e moderate user response with our great commenting system

Flexible Admin end.

  • Flexible e responsive backend
  • Quick links parum facil navigation
  • General website stats/overview
  • Adicionar delete users from admin panel
  • Phone book
  • Messaging
  • Multiple file upload module
  • Comments moderation
  • Quick draft parum reminder purpose
  • Change favicon
  • Change front end menu order
  • Switch website template
  • Create e update posts, pages, user e categories
  • Insert medium in your posts
  • Full calendar


  • Kaybuilder allow you to setup your website title, Descrição e keywords on settings which are automatically passed to your frontend parum search engine indexing purpose.
  • Metatags e keywords also apply to every page, post e category/section of your website.


  • Automatically save email to your contact list from website contact e newsletter form
  • Save e organise contacts manually
  • Contact grouping e sorting

e even more !

Future Atualizações

  • We want to put efforts into updating este product as much as possible as we receive your feedbacks.
  • We want our cuctomers to have even more control so we are already working to improve templating,upgrade e extension Suporte.
  • We will push templates of different categorias to enable our customers have more frontend option
  • We will also create ecommerce e membership module parum este product.

Experience great Suporte, experience the power e flexibility of running your own CMS.
We can help you in co-ordinating web hosting configurations, databases, domain name servidors, content management system, themes, product extension e Atualizações.

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