Kids Memory Tiles é an addictive memory training game made in Unity3D. este Unity3D game template has 100 levels with different themes.

See all the monkey tile squares e then find the correct ones to train your brain. este game é addictive e challenging. Use your brain to remember all the hidden monkey squares behind the empty colored squares e find all of them one by one.

este memory training game will keep the player entertained parum hours. Kids Memory Tiles é puzzling e challenging game to pass your time. Exercise your brain with the most puzzling game.

  • Unity3D 5.6.3 or Higher
  • Suporteed parum both Android as well as iOS Platforms
  • Contains 100 Levels with different coloured themes: blue, purple, brown, red, green
  • integrado with ADMOB e super Simples to setup Admob details
  • Easy, Medium e Hard challenging levels
  • Ready to release on Google Play Store, iOS App lojum or any Outras stores.
  • Unity3D game template é super Simples to setup e Reskin
  • Nice graphics assets
  • Sound Assets included along with SoundManager.cs source code.
  • Well documented source code with comments e very facil to underste the source code.
  • Brain teaser game.
  • Full Developer Suporte


1.) Open Unity3D 5.6.3 or Higher

2.) Import KidsMemoryTiles Unity5_3_4.unitypackage in Unity3D.

3.) Switch the project to Android Platform or iOS Platform. Go to File -> Build Settings -> Select “Android” or “iOS” -> Click on Switch platform.

4.) Game has been developed in PORTRAIT MODE. Go to File-> Build Settings -> Player Settings -> Resolution e Presentation -> Set Default Orientation as “Portrait”.

5.) Go to File -> Build Settings -> Drag e drop all scenes located in Scenes folder into Build Settings window(build in scene) – main Menu scene as first scene in priority.

6.) Now Play the game from Main Menu.

7.) That’s it.

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