KingRoot App it’s prank app you can Adicionar your Admob Banner+Interstital also you can edit anything you want from the code source on android studio

How To Reskin The App :

- to resking the app e redesigning go to : KingRoot – Android Studiossetsdatatlases

- to change the splash screen go to : KingRoot – Android Studiossetsdata

- to Adicionar your Admob go to : KingRoot – Android StudiossetsdataPTModelGeneralSettings.0.attributes

- to change the icon app go to : KingRoot – Android Studio es e change the icons in este files : drawable – drawable-hdpi – drawable-ldpi – drawable-mdpi – drawable-xhdpi – drawable-xxhdpi – drawable-xxxhdpi

Demo APK :

If you have any question por favorlet me know below in the comment e por favordon’t forget to leave 5 stars ♥

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